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Rolf Köhler †

(24.05.1951 - 16.09.2007)


Leader of SIB, he was the composer, arranger, producer and singer. Principal voice of Systems In Blue, was part of the original chorus of Modern Talking and Blue System. He had a very wide production since 60's and worked with many singers and bands, included Lake, Ian Cussick, Vicky Leandros, Roger Whittaker, Marius Mueller among others. Rolf was member of some bands like Gnadenlos Platt and History. He tragically died in 2007 while he was working in a new record for Systems In Blue.



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Detlef Wiedeke



He is also arranger, producer and singer. Detlef Wiedeke knows to Dieter Bohlen since his early years in music. He was the master of hight pitch voices of Modern Talking and Blue System and worked with singers like Tony Christie among many others. Together with Rolf Kohler, they  were members of the band “History”. Currently is an independent producer of different bands and ocassional musician of many music proyects. He is the studio producer of Systems In Blue.



His main website of  Vintage Studio

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Michael Scholz



The older of  the group. He also was part of Modern Talking and Blue System chorus. Composer, producer and a great singer in his best times. Called The "killer voice", because the peculiar voice that he had in the high pitch parts of songs. As studio singer he gave his voice to thousand of productions of different singers.  Member of the cover-band Joker. He started to work with Johann Perrier and got to release different records in deep house style.



Russian chat with Michael Scholz  here


Olaf Senkbeil



Olaf Senkbeil was the younger member from the second formation of Systems In Blue, he was called by Detlef Wiedeke in order to support SIB in the concerts shows in Poland since 2012, and his collaboration became fundamental with the time. Olaf brought with him not only his gifted vocals, he wrote the lyrics, composed the melodies and made the remixes of the new SIB songs, he always helped with his fresh ideas to new productions and also was an important communicator. Together Michael and Detlef  they started to turn their voices as vocal leaders of Systems In Blue. Olaf is also a singer of studio, he was working by different projects and for other singers around the world. He belonged to "The Choir Company" together Rolf Köhler singing in records for Blind Guardian, Hammerfall and others. Olaf decided to leave from SIB at the end of  2020 in order to dedicate to his own solo career.


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