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    >> Report of show in Elblag (25.01.2013)


    On January 25th 2013, in the city of Elblag, Systems In Blue had their second show in Poland. They were the fourth band that appeared after Fancy and before Bad Boys Blue, in a show that was started by Francesco Napoli and Gina T. There were five hours of a magnificant music.

    In difference of the first time, in 2012, the feedback was favorable for SIB guys, fans recognized them and enjoyed everyone of their songs. The new member Olaf Senkbeil was again on stage with them.


    >> Report of how in Gndask (07.09.2012)


    Read the complete report in this link


    >> Report of show in Brandenburg An Der Havel (19.06.2010)


    Translation to english in progress...


    >> Report of concert in Ekaterinbung (03.05.2010)


    Read the complete report in this link


    >> Report of concert in Ratingen (03.10.2008)


    The last 3rd October was the perform of Systems In Blue together with Modern System (Talking System), in the festival of Ratingen. Their show started at 22.30 p.m. and was about one hour, Michael Scholz sang the two programmed songs of SIB, Dr. No and Heaven & Hell, Detlef Wiedeke played the guitar live and they also were the choir of Modern System songs.


    The proyect Modern System has just released their first album "(In My) Backstreet Heaven", with the hits of Modern Talking and Blue System in new versions and the voices of SIB.




    >> Report of concert in Kiel (30.05.2008)


    The concert of Kiel was on 30 May, according to the fans it was a great show, the public was bigger than in the first concert in Dresden, Systems In Blue performed some songs of their album "Out Of The Blue", Michael Scholz sang these songs that were Dr. No, Heaven & Hell, and Two Faces, then was the show of Modern System. They sang the songs of their new album, the vocalist name is Ulli Eichblatt, he sang the most popular hits of Modern Talking and Blue System, the last song was the Hit Medley of Modern Talking.





    >> Report of Fan Meeting in Bad Salzungen (24.05.2008)


    As we know the anual Fan meeting of Mark Ashley this time has to Systems In Blue as special guests, it was the on saturday 24 May, fans from all parts of Germany and even out of Germany were there. During the show there was a moment for remember to Rolf Köhler, this day was also his birthday and SIB made a pause in his memory. Songs performed were of the new album of Mark Ashley "Heartbreak Boulevard" and also from the single "Jeannie Moviestar". The show had three parts.


    Tracklist of first part:

    01 Jeannie Moviestar

    02 Back To Summer 97

    03 Marylin's Dream

    04 Gimme Gimme Money

    05 Lonely nights in Avalon

    06 High In The Sky

    Tracklist of second part:

    07 Cinderella's Heart

    08 Do you Remember

    09 Heartbreak Boulevard

    10 Jeannie Moviestar

    11 King Of Roses

    12 Operation Love

    13 Magical Moon

    14 Never Say Never

    15 You Kill Me With Your Smile


    Then of the show with Systems In Blue, Mark Ashley gave his own show alone, singing songs of his old productions included his famous hit "The Fans Of Modern Talking".


    You also can read the personal report by Mrs. Robota here


    >> Rolf Köhler Funeral (27.09.2007)


    The funeral took place on Thursday, 27 September 2007 at 11:30 to 13:30 clock in the cemetery Ohlsdorf, Fuhlsbüttler Street 756, 22337 Hamburg in the chapel 10.


    This text was taken from (text in german)


    Wir danken allen, die zu Rolf Köhlers Trauerfeier kamen, und allen,  die in Gedanken dabei waren. Wir bedanken uns für die zahllosen Bekundungen des Mitgefühls und der Trauer. Rolf wird immer in unseren Herzen sein. Danke für eure großzügigen Spenden.


    Die folgenden Worte sprach Michael Scholz von SIB am Anfang der Beisetzungs-Zeremonie:


    "Wir - sind - hier

    um Abschied zu nehmen von Rolf Köhler

    seine Seele frei zu geben - seinen Geist zu geleiten -

    auf dem Weg - den er vor uns geht

    in Dankbarkeit und Demut - Respekt und Liebe

    geleiten mit unseren Gedanken und Gebeten,

    unseren Erinnerungen und Träumen,

    unserer Angst und Hoffnung"


    Danach rezitierte er das Gedicht "Stufen" von Hermann Hesse:



    (von Hermann Hesse)


    Wie jede Blüte welkt

    und jede Jugend dem Alter weicht,

    blüht jede Lebensstufe,

    blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede Tugend

    zu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern.


    Es muss das Herz bei jedem Lebensrufe

    bereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne,

    um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne Trauern

    in and're, neue Bindungen zu geben.


    Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne,

    der uns beschützt und der uns hilft zu leben.

    Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum durchschreiten,

    an keinem wie an einer Heimat hängen,

    der Weltgeist will nicht fesseln uns und engen,

    er will uns Stuf' um Stufe heben, weiten!

    Kaum sind wir heimisch einem Lebenskreise

    und traulich eingewohnt,

    so droht Erschlaffen!


    Nur wer bereit zu Aufbruch ist und Reise,

    mag lähmender Gewohnheit sich entraffen.

    Es wird vielleicht auch noch die Todesstunde

    uns neuen Räumen jung entgegen senden:

    des Lebens Ruf an uns wird niemals enden.

    Wohlan denn, Herz, nimm Abschied und gesunde!"


    After the funeral the relatives of Rolf Köhler sent this message through the official SIB website:


    A little thank you


    Words are simply out of words!!!


    Now that after Rolf's passing some calm is restored and watched all the condolences in the internet the past weeks, we also would like to say some words at this point.

    We all, that are the family of Rolf. Rolf was our son, brother,brother-in-law, uncle and even great-uncle!! Usually we met on christmas time, if Rolf had the time. At this time the more painfully it will be to become aware of that loss.

    How to thank all those, who engaged theirselves and expressed their feelings of the mourning? We would like to express our sincere thanks to every single person at this point. We also would like to thank to the friends and acquaintances, who involved so numerously with their donations for the funeral.

    Nevertheless life goes on for all of us and as especially Rolf, who seldom made a time-out, would want it that way.

    At this point we'd also like to say thank-you for the self-composition to "Kevin" from Switzerland. The song touched us very deeply. Thank you for it. Rolf would be pleased for sure.

    Hereby Merry Christmas, health and a peace,



    The Family




    >> Report of show in Burow (08.09.2007)


    Concert report of the show in Burow on 08.09.2007 (Taken from


    On Saturday, September 9, Systems In Blue gave a concert in Mecklenburg town of Burow. The event was a festival where several bands appeared during 2 days (see event flyers). The place Burow is located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, not far from the city of Neubrandenburg.


    The appearance was in danger, due the highway near Hamburg was totally clogged and SIB were delayed by several hours. The three boys from Systems In Blue then arrived at the venue in Burow around 6:00 pm and completed their soundcheck with two titles from their evening program. Since the stage was used by several bands and artists during the evening, there was a lot of equipment on stage. This circumstance was not so optimal, as the two Systems In Blue dancers Alex and Mila had not enough space to perform their show in the stage. As this circumstance could not be overcomed, they had to turn the situation as well as possible.


    After the soundcheck, Systems In Blue went to the hotel to strengthen themselves once more at dinner and to be ready for the performance. During the dinner, SIB gave a detailed interview for the website "".


    At around 11:30 pm, they went back to the event venue by car, where just another band was performing on the stage. At 0:00 am, Systems In Blue took the stage and opened their one-hour performance with "Point Of No Return". (Tracklist below this report).


    SIB performed a total of 10 tracks (+1 bonus) without taking a break. Between the individual songs Rolf Köhler presented the respective titles. Detlef Wiedeke played the electric guitar, Michael Scholz the keyboards and the two dancers Alex & Mila provided a wild dance show.


    As a special highlight, Systems In Blue performed their Extended Blue System and Modern Talking medleys. The band and the audience obviously enjoyed the show and got it well. As a special surprise, Systems In Blue had a very special track in the bag this evening. It was a brand new song to be found on the upcoming album. The track has never been performed in public and was its world premiere that evening. The name of the new track has not been mentioned yet. Whether the new song will be the upcoming single release, is not yet clear. The new song is an uptempo number that does not lack the characteristic high modern-talking choirs.


    After the end of the stage show, the boys from SIB stood next to the stage for autographs, photos and a small talk for the traveling fans for which the guys also took a lot of time.


    Unfortunately, this concert was also the last concert of System In Blue in this formation. The Systems In Blue Lead vocalist Rolf Köhler suddenly died a week later and out of the blue, as a result of a severe stroke at the age of 56 years. He was unaware of this, that evening in Burow. We will never forget this last concert with Rolf and keep it in our memories!.



    Tracklist of the concert:


    01. Point Of No return

    02. Magic Mistery

    03. Every Little Thing

    04. Voodoo Queen

    05. Blue System Medley

        - My Bed Is Too Big

        - Lucifer

        - Deja Vu

        - Dr. Mabuse

        - 6 Years 6 Nights

    06. Le Vent M'a Dit

    07. Can't Stand The Pain

    08. Winner

    09. 1001 Nights

    10. Modern Talking Medley

        - You're My Heart You're My Soul

        - You Can Win If You Want

        - Jet Airliner

        - Cheri Cheri Lady

        - Brother Louie

        - You're My Heart You're My Soul

    11. Neuer Titel (bis) * Now we know this song is called Dr. No


    >> Report of the show in Siberia Tyumen (28.04.2007)


    Report of the show in Tyumen (Siberia) 28.04.07 by Systems In Blue


    Of course, before such a long journey, one wonders what will await us and if everything goes according to the plan. That it will be exhausting and we will have little time to rest, was clear from the beginning.


    So, on 27.04.2007 at 12:20 we started from Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel to Moscow with a Tupolev Tu-154M Aeroflot. As a companion we had Alexandra, who speaks perfect Russian. At 17:10 local time we landed in Moscow. It was followed by a passport control, which lasted one and a half hours - stress high!


    But then we were welcomed by Anna, our Russian tour guide. Departure to Tyumen should be 00:45. So we had planned stay seven hours and a trip to the Kremlin. But because of the long weekend, the roads to Moscow were totally blocked. We didn't want the risk of missing the flight, so we spent the time in the airport restaurant. At around 10:00 pm we took the bus to the departure terminal. It was followed by an intense control. At 05:25 local time in Tyumen we landed in Siberia. It was 8 degrees and the sun was already rising. After a short ride in the taxi we reached the beautiful hotel "Tyumen" and everyone immediately went to his room for a good night's sleep.


    At 14:00 we met for dinner in the hotel restaurant. Then we went through the city to the event theater. There was an extensive soundcheck. Next, Anna planned to visit Radio Station 105.6 FM. We gave a detailed live interview, which Alexandra translated for the listeners. At 18:00 o'clock we were back in the hotel - small break.


    At 20:00 we met for a dinner in the restaurant, then we took our shuttle to the theater. The program, fashion show and beauty contest was already in full swing. Short change and makeup and we were already on the stage in front of a sold-out house. Rolf learned some Russian words of welcome, the audience applauded well and we started with our one-hour performance. Apart from "Calling Lady Loraine" and "Sarah's Dream" we played our full album and the MT and BS Medley - Many fans stand up and danced or held their arms to clap - it was a nice feeling.


    Then the after-show party was arranged - my God, the Russians understand how to make a party! There was plenty of food and drink and of course vodka! A very good band played to the dance and in the breaks there was still show program.


    We could not think on sleep, because at 04:00 we went back to the airport. Our departure was an hour late - a short panic, whether we would reach the connecting flight in Moscow at time. But Anna calmed us - everything was in the green area! Completely sleepy, we arrived to Moscow and had to go through several annoying checks again. But in the end we sat in the plane to Hamburg and reached on 29.04. at 11:30 our sunny home.


    >> Report of concert in Essen 2006 (27.05.2006)


    On 27 May in the city of Essen, Systems In Blue had a performing in an event  where also other bands were invited. Between the songs that they sang were, "Winner", "1001 nights", "Every Little Thing" and a medley de Modern Talking. Public was very enthusiast and satisfied.


    >> Report of show in Israel (08.10.2006)


    On 10 October of 2006, Systems In Blue took part of the 80's Party in the city of Eilat in Israel. Besides them, were also invited Bad Boys Blue, Patty Ryan and Afric Simone. The event was since  05.10.2006 to 08.10.2006 in the festival of Tel Aviv "Sunsuela International Song Festival" which offered a concert in the city of Israel.

    About 600- 800 people went to the event, although in the concert were about 3000. Systems In Blue started the show singing the medley of Modern Talking and also songs of his own album.  They had a short but significant participation and were followed by the show of Patty Ryan who sang three songs. After that was the turn of Bad Boys Blue, they performed six songs and made happy to their fans. Finally was the show of Afric Simone.


    >> Report of concert in Essen 2005 (04.06.2005)


    On saturday 4th June, in the city of Essen, took place the event "Artist Meeting", where Systems In Blue made their world premiere performing their songs of their first album . In this show they also shared stage with Patty Ryan, to whom they produced two songs that also were performed in this event. The songs "One Summer Night In Moscow" and  "Should I Stay - Should I Go".




    >> Report of the show in the hotel Kempisky (30.09.2004)


    On September, 30th, Systems In Blue gave a short concert at Berlin's luxurious hotel "Kempinski" which was organised by their new label "Ownstar". Also the Ownstar-acts "Condition One" and "Reflex" took part in this appearance. Of course "Reflex", which - with more than 5 million sold CDs - for sure is a very popular group in Russia, attracted a lot of Russian fans. Therefore, approximately 95% of the visitors were from abroad. The appearance started and 22:00 and was moderated by Anastasia, known from the music channel MTV.


    The electronic music trio "Condition One" started. After them, "Systems In Blue" performed 5 songs from their forthcoming album. As Modern Talking has always been very popular with the Russian, many Reflex-fans seemed to enjoy SIBs performance, too. The boys from Systems In Blue were assisted by a rapper and a female singer. When they started to sing "Only 4 U", Judith B. entered the stage, whilst Rolf, Micha and Detlef formed her background-choir. Also, there were two completely new songs presented that evening, namely "Can't Stand The Pain" and "Voodoo Queen". Both titles are highly energetic uptempo-tracks.


    The tracklist:


    - Magic Mystery (Dance-Remix)

    - Can't Stand The Pain

    - Only 4 U

    - Voodoo Queen

    - Winner

    After that the main act of the evening, "Reflex" appeared on stage and performed all their hits to the frenetic audience. Later, at the aftershow-party the fans were given the possibility to talk to the artists and dance. SIB used the time for an interview with a TV-team.