Russian Chat 22-01-11

[23:01] Michael Scholz Hello ... I am glad to meet you

[23:02] alex2009 Hello Dear Michael Scholz. I like the design of the system in blue. Thank you for this group.
I want to thank you for everything), and I am surprised that the cost of the new album? And I would suggest, why do not you sing with Ashley? great duet.

[23:02] Michael Scholz Please write in English or German

[23:03] Michael Scholz please do not mix up our projects

[23:04] Michael Scholz Ashley is Ashley and SIB is SIB ...

[23:08] Michael Scholz three questions in one .... it was easy working with Dieter because we always knew what it takes to make it sound like MT or BS ...

[23:09] Marvel Hello, dear Mr. Scholz ! Very glad to see you today! I want to thank you for your work and wish you all the best! Thank you very much! Good music never dies! I hope you do not mind if I ask you a few questions:
1) What are you doing now? Music or something else?
2) Will there be continued Systems In Blue?
3) Do you communicate with Thomas Anders?

[23:14] Michael Scholz again three questions Marvel, I myself am a music teacher in my normal life .... We are making plans about SIB after our best friend and front man Rolf Kohler died .... we communicated with TA in the past,

[23:16] Michael Scholz we've just started a world wide campaign to ask our fans all over the globe about their interests in our music

[23:13] vitalis and in Blue System
[23:13] vitalis Are the gossips that you are the authors of some Modern Talking songs true? If so, what songs did you write?

[23:19] Michael Scholz vitalis, no .... we are the singers of choir and high pitched voices ... and arrangers of some DB productions ... like BS, Bonnie Tylor and so on
[23:20] Michael Scholz not composers

[23:22] Michael_Nolen Michael! How did your career as a musician begin and how were you old that time

[23:25] Michael Scholz Michael_Nolen, I am the son of a musician who was the son of a musician .... so what else carreer was ment for me ? I had my first performances at the age of 14 years

[23:23] ALLIEN Lots of fans in Russia are interested in Systems In Blue music. But I'm not sure that it's possible to make good musical business in our country. CDs won't be sold because of internet, you know... :-( Have you ever thought about internet-releases?

[23:28] Michael Scholz ALLIEN, yes ... we are already at all normal download portals like Itunes and musicload ....

[23:23] vitalis Who are Kolesnikov and Ivannikova and why they are spreading rumors on your behalf that you are the songwriters MT and BS?

[23:30] Michael Scholz vitalis, they assisted our preparations to come to Jekaterinburg last May .... I don't know why both of them spread silly information to the world

[23:27] Happy Hello Michael! How are you? I have one qwestion for you. Are you planning projeccts with Mark Ashley or somebody of famouse singers??? Thank you very much for answer.

[23:33] Michael Scholz Happy, we have lots of plans ... please wait till we are ready to communicate

[23:34] Twilight Hi Michael! Do you have any unreleased SIB, Modern Talking or Blue System songs in your archives?

[23:34] Michael Scholz Twilight, NO

[23:34] Ukraine 1. Why did you leave from Dieter in 2001?
2. Did you know that song Modern Talking "tv makes the superstar" and "I'm No Rockefeller" were written during the time when you worked with Dieter?
3. How do you now think of Dieter Bohlen?

[23:37] Michael Scholz Ukraine, he used our voices for sampling and remixes ... this was not permitted by us .... so we went to the court of justice ... after this action he did not like us anymore

[23:37] dgorrdanno Michael, did you take part in recording vocals for the song Win the race (Modern Talking, "America")?

[23:39] Michael Scholz dgorrdanno, I don't remember ... but from 1984 till 2001 we sang on nearly all DB productions and on all MT and BS recordings

[23:38] Dietmar_Kohlen You are the only team that is capable of producing true german disco 80-s sound. If you stop, then this sound stops... I feel that you should consider producing music for a record company like in Japan, and license the finished productions to them rather than looking for outside full investments.

[23:41] Michael Scholz Dietmar_Kohlen, thanks for your compliments ... of course we consider all this

[23:46] vitalis Did you also sing backing vocals on the album America МТ?

[23:47] Michael Scholz vitalis, again ... look at the date of release ...

[23:47] AudreyHorne Was Dieter a hard guy to work with, I mean, a tough boss and creator or did he accept musical or arrangement ideas from the others?

[23:49] Michael Scholz AudreyHorne, most of the time, when we sang, he made important telephone calls, because he knew for sure, that we sing it the ways he wants it

[23:48] Happy Dear Michael, I would like to know are planning to work with russian singers? Example make project in style MT or BS but with russian singers? Thank you very much for answer!

[23:53] Michael Scholz Happy, ... there were in the beginning of SIB connections to the Russian Band "Reflex" .... but we did not really come together ... only for a visit and talk ... since then we had no serious offers

[23:51] ALLIEN Michael, is it possible to listen to your early singles or albums (60-70-80s)? Can you tell a little about your projects of that period?
And what is Joker?

[23:56] Michael Scholz ALLIEN, .... I have released only one single "Dancing in the sunlight" ... after that I worked for MT .... but there is the entire archive of Rolf Kohler easy to find in the Internet

[23:52] AudreyHorne Dear Michael, in what way the SIB project can be interesting for the Modern Talking fans?

[23:59] Michael Scholz AudreyHorne, ... oh yes ... this very simple to answer ... we are the high voices of MT, BS and CC Catch .... are have shown with our two SIB albums and Mark Ashley, that we are able to keep the sound alive

[23:55] vitalis Is there a new candidate frontman for the band instead of the late Rolf?

[00:02] Michael Scholz vitalis, ... during concerts after Rolf died, I took his place in the front .... as I did it many times while he was living and we were together performing on stage with Kentucky

[00:06] Michael Scholz Michael_Nolen, .... this production was suddenly interrupted by Rolf's death ... we had composed only seven songs of fourteen .... and really considered to give up the continuation .... but after a time of meditation Detlef and I decided to bring it to an end ... as a legacy of Rolf. this was all very hard .... and still is

[00:08] dgorrdanno Michael, did dieter use any real drums during the recording of his first albums (1985/1989)?

[00:09] Michael Scholz dgorrdanno, no ... never

[00:10] Michael Scholz vitalis, ... again ... please look at date of release ... we sand till 2001 .... Back for good and the next two albums ... as far as I know

[00:09] vitalis On the official website of Billy King there was a photo of an award for backing vocals on the album America. Does this mean that the album America had different choirs or were your voices still used there?

[00:11] Michael Scholz alex2009, ... I would like to answer you ... but do not find a question

[00:12] AudreyHorne Why didn`t you ever perform with Dieter on stage?

[00:15] Michael Scholz AudreyHorne, .... we were twice to the Eurovision song contest ... with Nino de Angelo, Thomas Forstner and Tony Vegas ... but for performances with MT and BS he used other musicians ... most of these shows were full playback shows ... so he used good looking girls and boys as decoration

[00:14] Marvel Michael, sorry, please, if you have already asked this question many, but because of what still had a quarrel with Dieter Bohlen? He did not want to work more with you or you with him?

[00:17] Michael Scholz Marvel, please watch the chat history ... I've answered this question already

[00:17] MT-Best Michael, what do you think is the reason of fantastic success of Modern Talking?

[00:18] Michael Scholz MT-Best, ... mmm ... I don't know ... maybe the right sound at the right time

[00:20] alex2009 Michael I'm glad your presence on our site I really love your project) and I want to thank you for the excellent singing!
Detlef Why not register on our forums??
Thomas Vidrat where right now??
Dieter does not really sing in MT? Just heard so and so

[00:23] Michael Scholz alex2009, ... sorry ... I cannot give an answer why persons don?t register at your forum .... as far as I know we sang our MT voices without support of Dieter

[00:20] Happy What do you think about russian girls?

[00:24] Michael Scholz Happy, ... some of them are wonderful

[00:26] AudreyHorne Did Dieter sing himself in the MT and BS songs?

[00:28] AudreyHorne I mean, in the refrains. E.g., Magic Symphony.

[00:28] Michael Scholz oh yes ... he sang the verses of BS ... and then we made the rest ... with Rolf as lead singer

[00:29] Marvel Dear Michael, do you like Russia?

[00:30] Michael Scholz Marvel, ... yes I love Russia

[00:28] alex2009 Michael Bohlen what project you like best? with whom do you like to work ? C.C.Catch.MT.BS or some other project. people like you more) of their own during your work with Dieter was a lot of

[00:32] Michael Scholz alex2009, ... I like to work in all these projects and always gave my very best to give it something from my soul
[00:31] Ukraine Michael Scholz, do you like projects of Dieter Bohlen and his songs you were singing at that time? Or was it just a job for you?

[00:37] Michael Scholz Ukraine, .... it was on one hand a job ... but as I already told, we always wanted to give it a touch of us ... yes ... some songs were boring ... but I liked a lot of these compositions

[00:36] AudreyHorne What do you think- is Dieter more a musician or a businessman?

[00:37] Michael Scholz AudreyHorne, .... after all ... a business man

[00:41] Michael Scholz Btw .... I promised to talk to you this night and it was wonderful to be here .... thanks for your questions ... I hope I could give you some proper answers ... Now it?s time to say good bye .... thanks for inviting me ..... Micha

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