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The history of this group start in May of 2003, since they had the idea of return to and produce a modern music with the 80's style.
The team was formed of Rolf Köhler, Detlef Wiedeke and Michael Scholz, they were the original backing group of Modern Talking and Blue System... [Read More]

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>> Know more about the Systems In Blue members
Rolf Köhler, Detlef Wiedeke, Michael Scholz, Olaf Senkbeil
Rolf Koehler
Rolf Koehler

Rolf Köhler

Lead Vocalist †

Michael Scholz
Michael Scholz

Detlef Wiedeke

Singer, producer, arranguer

Bryan Fick
Bryan Fick

Michael Scholz


Lisa Stamp
Lisa Stamp

Olaf Senkbeil

Singer, composer, *ex-member

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