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>> Remixes EP release

- 28 Sep 2021

 "Don't Want Into The Light" Remixes, the EP with the winner songs of the SIB contest has announced to be released on 1st October.


The tracklist:


Don't Walk Into The Light Remixes (EP)

1. Dominik Karkowski Remix

2. South Prod Franck Remix

3. Nicholas Kolaric Remix



>> Remix contest

- 25 May 2021

The remix contest to the song "Don't Want Into The Light" was extended until 7th June. Has been announced an special EP that would appear with the selected winner remixes. The Maxi Single edition will be released on 4th June.

>> 70th birthday commemoration of Rolf

- 24 May 2021

Today we commemorate the birthday number 70 of Rolf Köhler. Fans friends and colleagues celebrate it giving him different homages.


>> Second Single from Blue Universe

- 17 May 2021

The second single of Blue Universe is ready to be released, it will be to the song "Don't Walk Into The Light". The tracklist is announced already and it also has a remix contest to fans.


1.Original SIB Version

2-SIB Maxi Version

3-MS Project Edit

4-MS Project Long Version

5-Instrumental Mix

>> Next SIB releases

- 04 April 2021

The release of the Blue Universe Deluxe version is programmed to the next 4th June. Some other vinyl record releases of previous SIB productions will be announced in the following days.


>> Blue Universe Deluxe Edition

- 17 February 2021

A new version of the fourth album is announced to be released on 1st April. It will be a deluxe version  with double CD. Besides the songs of the album, the second CD contain extended versions, instrumentals and other bonus songs from previous releases.


>> Digital Version released

- 25 January 2021

The digital version of the 4th SIB album is available worldwide since today by all the main music platforms. This version contain three bonus tracks which are:

- It's Not Bad to Believe (Sib Maxi Mix)

- Lola Better to Fall In Love (Ms Project Long Version)

- Blue System Medley Bonus


>> Olaf leave the band

- 21 December 2020

Few days after the release of the 4th album. Olaf Senkbeil has announced that he will leave from Systems In Blue in order to continue with his own independent productions. Fans are grateful with his contribution to SIB and he will be missed as vocal leader.

>> 4th Album released

- 10 December 2020

Finally the physical CD album was already released. You can order and buy it by the different music plattforms.

A digital and streaming version will be available during the next weeks and it will contain a different tracklist.

>> Play for me the melody of love

- 28 October 2020

The digital promo single of the 4th album will will be released on 6th November. About this release, it will include two mixes, from "Captain Trash" and Johann Perrier.

>>Updated: Here a Snippet of the song

>> 4th Album

- 20 October 2020

The name of the new album of SIB has been announced, it will be "Blue Universe" Tracklist coming soon. Was also announced that the song "Play for me the Melody of Love“ will be released as  digital promo-single.

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