First Chapter
by Michael Scholz
Dear friends!

On 23rd of April I finally had the visa for Russia in my hands - Detlef and I really were able to travel to Russia!. A planning time of about a quarter of a year and the belief that it would really be possible, opened the door for us for that adventure.
On 30th of April 2010 we should be on a flight LH 3206 to Moscow!. Detlef and I met punctually and thanks to the electronic tickets, checking in was no problem!. I had checked everything one week before. I didn't want to leave anything to chance and experience any surprises. Anyway I was very excited and curious about what was waiting for us.
The flight with a Boeing 737 was unspectacular - we got tomato juice and coffee and a convenience Lufthansa menu - a little earlier as expected we arrived at 15.00 o'clock local time at the airport Domodedowo near Moscow. - still we were uneasy about what will happen at the passport control - there were the memories of the travel to Tymen in 2007 - but - everything was friendly and ok - we just had to pass the gate with our baggage.
And there they were, as agreed, Natalia and her husband Maxim. The first stone fell from our hearts. We took a break drinking some Pepsi Cola, before we had to check in again to the flight to Yekaterinburg. Natalia coordinated it perfectly.
We flew an A320 by Ural Airlines; everything was perfect in the international standard. But the big moment still didn't come - we had to get to know our hosts and see our friends again.... The joy was great!.
It was already dark in Yekaterinburg and already 22:00 pm – with us just 18:00 pm - Lena Mikhail, Sergey and their friends gave us a warm welcome - With comfortable roomy cars we went through the evening city directly to our five-star Novotel. There we sat, somewhat exhausted, but totally relieved - I needed a cold beer - with our Host and his friends we spent some time together, to get to know us. We agreed to meet at noon of the next day - it was the stuff planned, we knew that. We wanted to get surprises Our day began with breakfast in the room at 10:00 o’clock local time – but with us feeling of 6:00 GMT – at noon we met with Natalia, Detlef and I were in the lobby - and Mikhail and his friends came later - all wanted their CDs and vinyls signed.
This was the first autograph session - then Mikhail wanted to invite us to make a trip into the country – before, we stopped in the he High building of his apartment, for pick up his wife Olesia - and again it was a honest affectionate greeting - we were grateful and relaxed!.
After a few kilometers through a growing city, we came on birch avenues to the place of execution of Imperial Zar's family in 1917 - there are now a Monument to Nicholas II and his family and piece of arts, traditional churches built made of wood, which show the deep faith to embody in the old tradition.
To enter the memorial, women may wear aprons and headscarves.
The pond was still frozen, there were ice, the temperature was very pleasant, as you can see!
It was a beautiful afternoon and we all knew each other better - later, we went back to the hotel to take a short break and move us then to the Photo session in Olesia's Studio.
Later in the evening we were invited into Mikail's apartment. There were cheese and very good red wine. We watched a video by Secret Service, band that Mikail invited to Yekaterinburg. He told us that the concert in Chelyabinsk will not take place and we were given another day for new experiences. So we met at noon the next day, a new Trip - it was to the border of Europe and Asia followed by a barbecue - that sounded good!
Pictures say more than thousand words - the truth is that we were with one foot in Europe, and the other in Asia!.
Then we went through a beautiful landscape and reached our destination - a holiday park for families and companies - into a birch forest were isolated Pavilions, and one can rent it - the whole thing was surrounded by a lake, with bathhouses in the shore.
Banja! Russian sauna – I realized it quickly and I wanted to visit it for sure during the barbecue party.
Everyone was looking it at first time - it was really a beautiful, relaxed and free meeting. The Birches were white, much brighter than ours! The system was cleanly embedded in the nature – there was no noise ...
It was the best lamb chops of my life - Eventually, I became restless, I was asked to follow the men into the Banja - Let's go – I just wanted it.
Sometime in the night the unforgettable party ended, and we relaxed in the bed of our hotel room!.  
But the next day was the day!. Everything was arranged and we were happy now ready for also contribute with our part - Sound Check at 15:00 o’clock – pause for change cloths - at 20:00 clock show time ... That was the schedule - and as it should come!.
The sound check was accompanied by well-informed, competent and very nice people – many thanks to all!. Above all, our charming Dancers!.
The show can be described by the audience - I was on every case after one and a half hours very wet and needed some time to dry and change cloths - but the Fans were already impatient and wanted their Autograph session ...
Many came with their vinyl LPs and CDs, for autographs, and they all wanted pictures with us - Recognition and enthusiasm was unbeleivable, it seemed to have no end - we tried patiently to attend all personal wishes and answer the many questions - at some point later we were still back in our "Novotel".



Translation by Mrs. Robota

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