Report of the concert in Gdańsk/Sopot - Poland September 7th 

by: Mrs. Robota
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Yesterday friday 7th of September took place the show Hitparada 80', unfortunately it had a bumpy start that obligated them to change a little bit the published programm. Marek Sierocki, famous polish music presenter, who supposed had to lead the whole event, had a car accident about an hour before the show, fortunatly Tomasz Galiński, DJ from radio Gdańsk and broadcaster of some other music events could successfully replace him.

Systems In Blue 2012


With about 45 min of delay and with a public of about 5000 people, finally the show started. But was not SIB who started as was announced, it was Gazebo, he appeared on stage and sang his classic eighties hits like "Galileo", "Lunatic", "Masterpiece", "Telephone Mama", "Dolce Vita" (song from Ryan Paris, but written by Gazebo), and his classic "I Like Chopin". There were also some local polish artists filling the space between one and other artist, so after Gazebo show, finally came the turn of Systems In Blue, Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke, supported this time by Olaf Senkbeil, (as was announced), they were in the stage and starting their performance, the people was dancing, some alone, in pairs and even in groups, "Magic Mistery", "Heaven & Hell", "Sexy Ann", an Olaf's version of "Only 4U", the show of SIB was extended with their classic medley of the songs from Blue System. After the SIB concert came Fancy and CC Catch, they both performed their classic hits from 80's too. Fancy with "Lady of Ice", "Bolero", "Slice Me Nice", "Flames OF Love" also a cover song "You Are Always On My Mind". CCCatch made her already known show together her acrobat dancers, "Heaven & Hell", "I Can't Lose My Heart Tonight", "Are you Man Enough", among some others and of course as always she didn't forgot to do what is already like a tradition in her concerts, she sang the last part of her song "Jump in My Car" in acapella, what made crazy to the polish fans. The show ended after midnight.



Although all singers could sing live, they had to use the music in playback and this was a complain of some assistants who felt the power of the sound was not the same, however most people enjoyed the concert and agreed that was simply spectacular, they could remember their best times in 80's and have a lot of fun, that's reason it was considered a success. Before the show, CC Catch was the only one who has a press conference and according to some people, her concert was the more celebrated.




*Special thanks to Varcetti and Netmaniak for their colaboration