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>> Second Single from Blue Universe

- 17 May 2021

The second single of Blue Universe is ready to be released, it will be to the song "Don't Walk Into The Light". The tracklist is announced  already but would include an extra remix done by fans.

1.Original SIB Version

2-SIB Maxi Version

3-MS Project Edit

4-MS Project Long Version

5-Instrumental Mix



>> Next SIB releases

- 04 April 2021

The release of the Blue Universe Deluxe version is programmed to the next 4th June. Some other vinyl record releases of previous SIB productions will be announced in the following days.


>> Blue Universe Deluxe Edition

- 17 February 2021

A new version of the fourth album is announced to be released on 1st April. It will be a deluxe version  with double CD. Besides the songs of the album, the second CD contain extended versions, instrumentals and other bonus songs from previous releases.


>> Digital Version released

- 25 January 2021

The digital version of the 4th SIB album is available worldwide since today by all the main music platforms. This version contain three bonus tracks which are:

- It's Not Bad to Believe (Sib Maxi Mix)

- Lola Better to Fall In Love (Ms Project Long Version)

- Blue System Medley Bonus


>> Olaf leave the band

- 21 December 2020

Few days after the release of the 4th album. Olaf Senkbeil has announced that he will leave from Systems In Blue in order to continue with his own independent productions. Fans are grateful with his contribution to SIB and he will be missed as vocal leader.

>> 4th Album released

- 10 December 2020

Finally the physical CD album was already released. You can order and buy it by the different music plattforms.

A digital and streaming version will be available during the next weeks and it will contain a different tracklist.

>> Play for me the melody of love

- 28 October 2020

The digital promo single of the 4th album will will be released on 6th November. About this release, it will include two mixes, from "Captain Trash" and Johann Perrier.

>>Updated: Here a Snippet of the song

>> Christmas In Blue

- 21 October 2020

Member of Systems In Blue, Olaf Senkbeil, released an unplugged version of the song composed by him and released by Systems In Blue in 2015. This version recorded live during the event "Weihnacht Spielgefährten 2019", has the participation of Jonny Möller on flute and Sylwia Timoti on Keyboards.

>> 4th Album

- 20 October 2020

The name of the new album of SIB has been announced, it will be "Blue Universe" Tracklist coming soon. Was also announced that the song "Play for me the Melody of Love“ will be released as  digital promo-single.

>> DO Passion release

- 28 September 2020


On 25th September, a new song for DO Passion was oficially released, the name is "How I'm Gonna Catch You?". It also had a premiere which was broadcasted live by Olaf Senkbeil during his show by AMPHIRE ONline STAGE.

>> New samples

- 28 August 2020


Systems In Blue guys share with us some of the work they are working on. Here you can listen another audio.

>> SIB Masks available

- 25 August 2020


Stay healthy and protected with the new Systems In Blue masks. Those personalized masks SIB edition are availlable in this link.

>> Collaboration with Lisa Bund

- 15 August 2020

It is announced a new collaboration of the choir of Systems In Blue with the singer Lisa Bund. The song is called "Das Ist Liebe" and is coming at the end of August.

>> New album?

- 10 July 2020

We are informed that SIB guys are meeting again in order to record and work in new songs. We still don't know more details about this new production, but it is planned to be released this year and Olaf shared a little preview by his personal channel.

>> Collaboration with Laura Hessler

- 26 May 2020

The new single of the singer Laura Hessler called "Ziellos", includes the powerful choir of Systems In Blue which was hired for this production by Jan Ohlhorst and Stefan Stieber. Official date of release is on 5th June.

Here the links to get the song.

>> Systems In Blue will perform in Romania Festival

- 09 March 2020

The Discoteka Festival in Romania that is  going to take place in Timisoara, confirms the participation of Systems In Blue. They were reprogramed to  perform at September after the pandemia of Covid19 obligated to pospone the show that had to happen on May.


>>Update: Due the Pandemia crisis, the  festival of this year 2020 was suspended until further notice!.


>> The new EP

- 16 October 2019

Finally we have the name of the new EP from Systems In Blue, it will be called "Blue Horizons".

The digital release will be on 31st October and will include two new songs with different remixes. A physical release is also planned.


1. So long (SIB edit)

2. Turn out the light (SIB edit)

3. So long (MS Project Edit)

4. Turn out the light (MS Project Edit)

5. Turn out the light (SIB Maxi Version)

6. So long (MS Project long version)

7. Turn out the light (MS Project long version)

8. So long (Captain Trash Edit)

9. Turn out the light (Captain Trash Edit)


>> SIB release in October

- 08 September 2019

As we informed in June, SIB team was working in some new tracks for Systems In Blue. So according to a new announcement, the new EP would come in October. More infos and details will be public in the right time.

>> Sweet Satellite released

- 01 July 2019

DO Passion has released their new song called  "Sweet Satellite". You can get it by the main digital stores like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and others

>> SIB working in new stuff!

- 25 June 2019

We have the pleasure to communicate to all SIB fans that SIB is working again together in new stuff. They have not planned yet a new album but some new songs can be released soon.

>> Unforgotten

- 24 May 2019

A new song from DO Passion was released, the name is "Unforgotten". This time is a homage in commemoration of the 68th birthday of Rolf Köhler.

>> PONR Vinyl record

- 30 April 2019

Since 15 April is available already the vinyl record version of the first Systems In Blue album "Point Of No Return", distributed by Simon Music Production from Czech Republic under permission of Spectre Music. The same company is also announcing to release the second album "Out Of The Blue", but still without date of release.

>> All DO Passion Lyrics

- 09 March 2019

All lyrics of DO Passion songs, are available in our

lyrics section.

>> New singles

- 09 March 2019

The last single of DO Passion, "What a Beautiful Day", was already released the past 8 March and is available in all digital stores and streaming plattforms. A new song was announced now and it will be available on April. You can listen a snippet here.

>> Interview to DO Passion

- 23 Jan 2019

Members of Systems In Blue, Detlef Wiedeke and Olaf Senkbeil talk and clarify many things regarding their new proyect DO Passion. You can read this interview here.

>> DO Passion new song

- 09 Jan 2019

A message from DO Passion tell us that they are preparing a new song called "That Is Love", which will be released on 25 January, it seems to be also in digital format only

>> Happy New Year 2019

- 02 Jan 2019

A new year started and as always we send our best wishes  to all Systems In Blue fans around the world. We hope this year brings good surprises and more SIB releases.

>> New DO Passion release

- 07 Dec 2018

The  second release of DO Passion is available since the first of December, it include two new songs, "DO DO" and "Thank God It's Christmas", besides a karaoke version fof Ice Cold Angel.

Available in all the main digital shops like iTunes, Spotify

>> DO Passion

- 05 Oct 2018

A new project of Detlef Wiedeke with Olaf Senkbeil was born and it is called DO Passion, they released their first song today 5 October called "Ice Cold Angel", the second song would appear in November. This song is an homage to the 80's music style of Modern Talking.

Available in all the main digital shops like iTunes, Google play, Spotify

>> There's No Heart in Top 1

- 05 Oct 2018

"There's No Heart" 80's mix reach the top 1 in the Italodisco  & Eurodisco new generation charts for many weeks.


>> Remembering Rolf

- 16 Set 2018

As a little homage in commemoration of the 11 years without our dear Rolf, was shared this video of Systems In Blue by the international Facebook page.

>> Behind the scenes, Part II

- 27 May 2018

While fans are waiting for get the new record very soon, you can enjoy the second part of the Behind the scenes of "There's No Heart" in this special promo video shared by Karel Post.

>> There's No Heart Vinyl Release

- 27 May 2018

Due some problems with the factory, the release of the vinyl "There's No Heart" was postposed one week more. But you still can order your item by the main shops. Here some links to order it: Amazon, JPC, Saturn, Media Mark. Groovesland, Weltbild. The item will be also available in USA by italodisconyc.



>> There's No Heart Vinyl Release

- 13 March 2018

Finally was confirmed the date of release of the special vinyl fan edition "There's No Heart 80s version", it will be on 25 April and available by the main german shops by JPC, Saturn, Media Mark. We clarify that this release will come only in vinyl format in limited edition.

>> Radio Saturn FM Interview

- 20 January 2018

The past 7th January, the russian radio Saturn FM, performed their x-mas special, Disco Top Chart by Oleg Lalykin & M@rgO, where the song "All That I Need" from SIB reached the second place. They made a little special which included an interview to Michael Scholz. You can listen the show here, (SIB interview start at 1h55m aprox).

>> SIB International was upgraded

- 15 January 2018

Thanks to all our visitors for their patience, we are progressively releasing our new site, which is an upgraded and updated version of the previous one. In this way we celebrate the 15 anniversary of Systems In Blue and our international fanclub.

>> More details about Theres's no Heart

- 10 January 2018

The release of the new SIB single "There's No Heart" is near and for all those fans who are asking, we have this info. The single is planned to be released only as vinyl and it will be a limited edition item. So get a record player soon and be ready for purchase this special release.

>> Happy New Year 2018!

- 01 January 2018

We wanna wish to all our visitors a happy new year 2018. This year Systems In Blue is celebrating their 15 anniversary. Thanks for your support in all those years!.


>> There's No Heart Making Of

- 24 December 2017

Itamar Moraz share with us a special video about his production with Karel Post to the song of Systems In Blue, "Theres No Heart". You can watch the video in this link.


>> She's A Gambler Single

- 30 October 2017

Digital Worldwide Release: 3. November, 2017

Physical Release: 4. December, 2017


1-She's a Gambler (Original Album Version)

2-She's a Gambler (Systems In Blue Edit)

3-She's a Gambler (Original Extended Mix)

4-She's a Gambler (Systems In Blue Maxi Version)

5-She's a Gambler (Strazy Remix)


>> Alex Blue release with SIB choir

- 20 October 2017

The new single of Alex Blue, "Rollercoaster", include the voices of Systems In Blue in the choir. This production is available since 20 October. You can enjoy the video here.


>> Itamar Moraz Production

- 10 October 2017

Was already released and announced a new single for Melangue Bleu, this time, produced by Itamar Moraz  with the song, "There's No Heart". The single would be avaialble during the next months after the release of "She's A Gambler". A Physical CD and Vinyl version will be available.


>> Ten years without Rolf

- 16 September  2017

Today we commemorate ten years since our dear Rolf Köhler passed away. He is still present in the music he let us and we always think of him.

Please let a message to him in his tribute book.

>> The Third Album available

- 11 September  2017

Due intern decisions the official release of the third SIB album, was advanced, so the digital release will be on 12 September by the main virtual shops. The physical release will be on 25 September and will include 4 exclusive tracks.


> Older Archive

Available in all the main digital shops like iTunes, Spotify

Available in all the main digital shops like iTunes, Google play, Spotify

The past 7th January, the russian radio Saturn FM, performed their x-mas special, Disco Top Chart by Oleg Lalykin & M@rgO, where the song "All That I Need" from SIB reached the second place. They made a little special which included an interview to Michael Scholz. You can listen the show here, (SIB interview start at 1h55m aprox).