Despite was also planned a videoclip to the song "Winner", the only official videoclip of SIB, is 1001 Nights

1001 Nights (Official Videoclip 2006)


Essen - Steele 04-06-2005 (DVD-R / VCD)

01. Patty Ryan - Ohne Zweifel
02. Patty Ryan - You`re My Love, You`re My Life
03. Patty Ryan - Lass Mir Doch Mal Meinen Spaß
04. Patty Ryan- I Gave You All My Love
05. Patty Ryan feat. S.I.B. - One Summer Night In Moscow
06. Patty Ryan feat. S.I.B. - Should I Stay - Should I Go
07. Systems In Blue - Every Little Thing
08. Systems In Blue - Can`t Stand The Pain
09. Systems In Blue -Winner
10. Autogrammstunde

Backstage Düsseldorf
(DVD-R/ Double SVCD)

Release: 14.11.2005

A Thousand and One Nights Backstage