Here a little reference about Systems in Blue



Rolf  Köhler

Leader of SIB, he was the composer, arranger, producer and singer. Principal voice of SIB, he was part of the original chorus of Modern Talking and Blue System. He had a very wide production since 60's and worked with many singers and bands, included Lake, Ian Cussick, Vicky Leandros, Roger Whittaker, Marius Mueller among others. Rolf was member of some bands like Gnadenlos Platt and History. He tragically died in 2007 while he was working in a new record for Systems In Blue.

Michael Scholz

The older of the group. He also was part of Modern Talking and Blue System chorus. Composer, producer and singer in his best times. Called The "killer voice", because the peculiar voice that he had in the falset parts of songs. Member of the cover-band Joker. 

Detlef  Wiedeke

He is also arranger, producer and singer. Detlef Wiedeke knows to Dieter Bohlen since his early years in music. He was the master in high chorus of Modern Talking and Blue System and worked with singers like Tony Christie. Together with Rolf Kohler, they were members of the band “History”. Currently is an independent producer of different bands and ocassional musician of many music proyects. 




Thomas  Widrat

Between 2003-2007, he was executive producer of Systems In Blue, rennouncing after Rolf Köhler's death. Thomas was the text autor and he appeared in the videoclip 1001 Nights. Currently, he continues producing his own independent proyects and also works in the bussiness of alternative medicine.


GUEST ARTISTS (proyects and collaborations)


Judith B.

Young singer ex-finalist of the german show DSDS, she gave her voice to the song "Only 4U", produced by SIB.

Itamar Moraz

He comes from Israel, DJ Moraz, is the remixer of SIB, and he worked in the singles "Winner Fan CD" and "1001 nighs". He also works in a proyect documental film about Modern Talking where he plans to create a special section with SIB members to whom he would like to give a tribute. In this sense he has produced some songs to them.

Patty Ryan

Famous 80's singer, SIB produced to her two songs, which are included in the single "I Gave you all my love" the songs are "One Summer night in Moscow" and "Should I stay, Should I Go".
Sunny Dahari 

He was born in Israel in the city of Rehotov. SIB had a collaboration with this singer in the production of "Magic Is Gone" (DJ Moraz production) and singing in the chorus of the song.

Mark Ashley

Mark started his career at the same time of the back of Modern Talking, very popular singer and Modern Talking fan. SIB produced to him the single "Give a little Sweet Love", with the songs Give a Little Sweet Love and I've Never Been So Lonely, and also a complete album called "Heartbreak Boulevard". Some people think that the combination with SIB is really explosive, they together could be a new Modern Talking.


Tommy Fischer

Tommy Fischer is a German singer, Systems In Blue produced to him, his single “Ich will alles und noch mehr” which included the German versions of the hits Should I Stay Should I Go and Sexy Ann, the german covers are, Ich will alles und noch Mehr and Eloisa.


Ulli Eichblatt

He worked in the project Et-Cetera, making some Modern Talking covers which had some success. After Rolf death, he counted with the help of Michael and Detlef for the production of his project Modern System (renamed then Talking System), critics were not always positive, but thanks to him we got the single System In Blue, with a Maxi version produced by him under his label Akasa Records.


Marco Lessentin

He is DJ and he was the backliner of Blue System. Marco at the beginning started singing covers produced by SIB, later he released his clasic xmas single performed in Brandenburg every year. Finally he has gotten some sucess with his germans releases produced by SIB and where they sing the choir.



Ronny Jentzsch

Ronny is vocalist and producer of the band Fresh Fox, actually he had never worked directly with SIB, but different circunstances had made he can sing together some of the artists produced by SIB. It was the case of Mark Ashley, we could see some shows when those artists shared the stage and Ronny joined singing the choir of Mark Ashley songs. Later he remixed a song produced by SIB to Marco Lessentin, the song "Nur Für Dich Allein" Fresh Fox version, which became a very popular hit and together Marco they had made performings together.


Die Dandys

Known as a showparty band, they make covers of different artists. Their debut album "Für Dich", contain four songs produced by SIB, included Magical Moon, all songs in german.