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The third album

We have good news for all SIB fans. The long waited third album of Systems In Blue will be released this year. Systems In Blue members are still working on it and probably it will be released during the first months of 2017. So stay tuned!. We will give more information soon.



Happy New Year 2017

We wish to all our friends a good and succesful new year 2017.





SIB voices in new song of Alex Blue

On 4th November was released the new song of Alex Blue and again it includes the Systems In Blue voices. The song name is "Still Losing Control". The song has a special style that remind us to Blue System.




Alex Blue Remix was chosen by Thomas Anders

Finally we know the winners of the Lunatic Remix contest. As we know the producers who collaborate with SIB were also part of this contest. they made a remix using the voices of Systems In Blue. Thomas Anders chose 10 remixes and one of them was the Lunatic Remix by Alex Blue. This remix will be included in the official EP which will released on 29 July by the main virtual shops online, this same day the no winner remixes will be allowed to be released by Youtube.

01 Lunatic (Rost Remix)
02 Lunatic (Hats Remix)
03 Lunatic (Danse De La Lune Mix)
04 Lunatic (RMStudio Mix)
05 Lunatic (Yan De Mol & Follow The Sunlight Remix)
06 Lunatic (DJ Lalykin Remix)
07 Lunatic (Yury Novikoff M-Tracking Remix)
08 Lunatic (DJ VAL Remix)
09 Lunatic (Alex Blue Remix)
10 Lunatic (Tdhdriver Remix)

iTunes: http://snip.ftpromo.net/lunaticremixitms
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2agkJyA
GooglePlay: http://snip.ftpromo.net/thomasanderslunaticremixesgp



Lunatic Remix by Alex Blue

In same way than the other producers close to SIB. Alex Blue released his own Lunatic remix, that of course include SIB voices.



Lunatic Remix by DJ Moraz

Today was the deadline of the Thomas Anders remix contest of Lunatic and Itamar Moraz also released a little sample of his version. His version also counts with the SIB choir but include a bonus with a solo of Michael Scholz.


New Lunatic Remix by MS Project

Yesterday we shared a first remix of the french producer Johann Perrier, Lunatic Deep House, today he is sharing another more 80's disco reloaded version. el dia de hoy Johann nos presenta una versión más disco ochentas.

The complete versions would be released next week.





Thomas Anders song with SIB chorus

Thomas Anders is making an open contest for his new song "Lunatic", five of the best remixes will belong to his new remix single.

Many producers are making their own versons, including some of the more near collaborators of SIB, people who had the great idea of join the voice of Thomas with the chorus of Systems In Blue. That's Modern Talking again!.



A first remix was performed already and is from MS Project (Johann Perrier)


Alex Blue new single with SIB voices

The new single of Alex Blue will be called "Summer Love" and again will include the voices of Systems In Blue.

The date of release will be on 20 May and in same way that the previous releases, it also will include a videoclip.



Working on the Third SIB album

Last week, the french producer Johann Perrier was visiting Hamburg for meet with SIB again. They are working on the third album and shared with us some pictures and videos.





Double vinyl compilation for SIB

From Russia we get the info that a special compilation in double LP will be released soon. The date of release will be at the end of May by the label de ULTRA (Russia), limited edition but available worldwide. The tracklist proposed is the following:

01. Voodoo Queen (Karaoke version) (4:22) 
02. Dr. No (Maxi-version) (6:03)
03. Do You Remember (3:36)
04. Cinderella“s Heart (4:38)
05. Marilyn“s Dream (3:42)
06. Go System Go (3:22)
07. Le Vent M“a Dit (4;17)
08. Avalon (and shes Gone…) (4:35)
09. Every Little Thing (3:59)
10. Gimme Gimme Money (3:43)
11. Magic Mystery (Instrumental) (3:53)
12. In the Name of Love...(3:22)
13. Winner (radio edit) (3:40)
14. Children of the Night (4:24)
15. Heaven and Hell (3:34)
16. Key to Freedom (3:44)
17. Shadows of Love (3;46)
18. SIB (BS) mix (6:28)
19. System in Blue (long version) (6;15)
20. Operation Love (3:12)
21. Should i Stay — Should i Go (1:30)



New releases in 2016

Regarding the new releases of Systems In Blue this year. Was already announced the physical version of the single "Back In Blue", that will be available in some european countries. You can order your CD here.

We also have some clues that SIB may be working on their third and long awaited new album. We look forward to more information about this.



Lyrics updated - Happy New Year 2016!

Lyrics section was updated, now you can enjoy singing the songs "Go Systems Go", "Children Of The Night" and "Christmas In Blue".

Remember that you still can download for free the song Christmas In Blue.

Our best wishes for the new year coming 2016!!




Merry Christmas!! - Download Christmas In Blue

The song was already shared by Olaf Senkbeil and according to him it will be available till 14th January for free!!.

For download the song you only have to click in this link.

Systems In Blue Hispanoamerica, wish you a Merry Christmas.




Christmas In Blue

As was announced previously by Detlef, a new song is coming and it will be free!. Since 24th of December 2015 till 14th of January 2016, will be available "Christmas In Blue". A special present from SIB to their fans.



Interview to the producers of Back In Blue

Back In Blue was one of the more anticipated releases from SIB. For give us more details about this EP and for answer some common questions from fans. The producers Johann Perrier (MS Project), Itamar Moraz (Pure 80's versions) and the Master Detlef Wiedeke, gave us this interview.





Back In Blue in charts

During the last weeks, some of the versions of Back In Blue got to reach some local chart positions in different countries like Russia, Poland and even Spain. It also got the first place in Radio Top 80 New Generation from Poland, it reached the N°23 of TOP Nuevos Talentos from Radio Tx (Spain) and the version "Go Systems Go" MS Project Edit, reached the N°35 of DEEJAYWORKS International Chart.


Get your Back In Blue

Back In Blue, the new EP of Systems In Blue produced by MS Project, is already available. You can buy the songs in the main online shops like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play. A possible physical release has not been announced.



New video of Alex B & Judith with SIB choir

The video of the song "Dance" from the new single of Alex B & Judith was performed yesterday. The song include a choir sung by Systems In Blue and since the demos were available it got big attention from fans and followers. Here you can buy the songs.




"Back In Blue", the new EP produced by MS Project

The announced new EP produced by Johann Perrier to Systems In Blue by Modern Romantic Productions, will be called "Back In Blue". The release will be on 15th november 2015, but you can pre-order it by Itunes since 8th november. Here is the tracklist:

Back In Blue

01  Go Systems Go (Radio Version)
02  Children Of The Night (Radio Version)
03  Go Systems Go (MS Project Radio Edit)
04  Children Of The Night (MS Project Radio Edit)
05  Children Of The Night (Itamar Moraz Pure 80ies Mix)
06  Go Systems Go (Axel F. Mix"/ dedicated to Harold Faltermeyer)
07  Children Of The Night (Popcorn - Mix"/ dedicated to: Gershon Kingsley and Bob Moog)
08  Go Systems Go (MS Project Extended Mix)
09  Children Of The Night (MS Project Extended Mix)
10  Point Of No Return (10th Anniversary MS Project Edit)
11  Point Of No Return (10th Anniversary MS Project Long Version)
12 Children Of The Night (Itamar Moraz Pure 80ies Mix Karaoke)



News about the new EP of SIB produced by Johann Perrier

According the french producer, Johann Perrier (Aka MS PROJECT), they are working on an EP that will be released during October 2015 by MODERN ROMANTICS PRODUCTIONS. The EP will contain new songs from SIB produced in different styles by SIB and Johann Perrier (MS Project). He also mentions a new special "10 years Remix" of Point Of No Return" produced by Johann Perrier (MS Project). And a song produced by DJ Itamar Moraz will be also included.



New single of Alex B with SIB choir

The new single of Alex B and Judith Burmeister, "Dance", will count again with the participation of Systems In Blue in the choirs. The single and new video would be available probably the next month.




In Memoriam Rolf Köhler

As every year, since 8 years ago, we remember today to our dearly departed Rolf Köhler. Let him some words in his Site Memorial.




Johann Perrier & SIB

The last weekend, the french producer Johann Perrier arrived to Hamburg and met with the guys of Systems In Blue. They together are working in new projects that would come between this year and the next one.



New SIB production with Johann Perrier

SIB revealed us that in private and now is official. The french producer Johann Perrier, who has worked with stars like Bad Boys Blue, Linda Jo Rizzo, Ryan Paris, FR David and others, is going to release soon a new production together SIB. We have to remember that they worked together before in the single Point Of No Return Remixes (MS project), that was released only in France. Now they are working in a new production that will be released by Modern Romantics Productions. Details about this production will be announced later.




DJ Moraz productions, new demo

This is a short glimpse of a new song that our friend Itamar Moraz is producing and he shares this exclusive video version with us.





First teasers of the new SIB songs were shared by youtube.


Two new songs!!

Systems In Blue has announced, they met in Studio and have ready two new tittles, song names are: "Go Systems Go" and "Children Of The Night". We wait for more infos soon.



Alex B & Judith video

There are two video versions of Siesta, in both we can hear the SIB choir by Michael Scholz, Detlef Wiedeke and Olaf Senkbeil. This one is the Alex Blue Video Cut




Alex B & Judith new single


The music producer from Radeberger Alexander Bormann together Judith Burmeister, (ex DSDS), perform the song "Siesta" which include the special participation of Systems In Blue in the choir and background voices. As we can remember Judith already sang a song together SIB in 2004 called "Only 4U".

The official release will be the next 4th May by AMJ Records. It is also announced a videoclip.



Detlef in Notruf Hafenkante

Today in ZDF at 19:25 - 20:15 (german time) will be broadcasted the season 9 episode finale of the german police TV serie Notruf Hafenkante. The episode called "Verfluchte Liebe" will have the participation of the singer Fabian Harloff playing as Dr. Philipp Haase and we can see in the trailer a short apparation of Detlef Wiedeke who is member of his band in real life.
You can see the trailer here




Happy holidays - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and our best wishes for the new year coming. We hope to have more good news for you in 2015.


In Memoriam Rolf Köhler

Rolf Köhler passed away seven years ago, but his voice and music are always a wonderful gift that continues with us on earth. Visit the tribute site


Interview to Olaf Senkbeil

The singer Olaf Senkbeil, the new and youngest member of Systems In Blue, gave us a special interview that we share now with all SIB fans. Olaf has been working in different music projects with national and international artists, and he is known for his charm and talent. A gifted voice that now is part of Systems In Blue.
You can read the interview here



Third album of Systems In Blue

A new campaign has started for a new release from Systems In Blue. The goal is to get enough financial support for produce a record with new songs, which would become the new third album of SIB. Detlef Wiedeke, Michael Scholz and Olaf Senkbeil, tell us in a video that they are currently working on it, and the fans and followers of this music style are openly called to participate, not only with the economical support, but with their ideas and suggestions. For contribute to this production, you can join here



Olaf Senkbeil new member of Systems In Blue

As we know the german singer Olaf Senkbeil has been supporting SIB the last year, he appeared together SIB in Poland, we are happy to announce now that his participation won't be limited to that, because he will continue being part of the next coming releases from SIB. Systems In Blue now is conformed by Michael Scholz, Detlef Wiedeke and Olaf Senkbeil. Michael and Olaf will share and alternate the main vocals and they both will join to Detlef for sing in the choirs. This team is currently working in new stuff which will be announced in the right time.




Confirmed no more collaboration with Thomas Widrat

First it was announced by the same Tonschatz, label created by the former executive producer of Systems In Blue, Thomas Widrat. As we remember Widrat left SIB in 2007 after Rolf's death but he came back to them for release three experimental limited edition singles in 2013. Now SIB confirm it, the collaboration between them is over. Skynight Avenue was a project exclusively created by Widrat, who temporaly hired SIB voices for his first releases, this collaboration is now finished and everyone will follow their own way. SIB wish the best to Widrat.


Message from Itamar Moraz

There are many expectations regarding the work between Itamar Moraz and Systems In Blue, and due to the insistence in more news, Itamar himself sent a message to fans.

What we know is that it will be a full length film about Modern Talking and SIB would sing the songs of the soundtrack. Here the message:

Hello everybody, about this track.
To build a full length film to be broadcast world wide, it takes time.
It takes time to find the budget for it, and it takes time to build the whole stracture, including, music, filming video scenes and edit/direct the movie from a to z.
I know that there is an interest of listening to a new titles or to listen to this track , but it goes hand in hand with the film, so.....that's why it takes time.
Itamar Moraz



Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014

May this Christmas bring us a peaceful time and the new year more good music to hear. Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014.



Christmas Song released

Yesterday 17.12.13 was released a christmas song with the voice of Michael Scholz, lyrics make a reference to the SIB ten anniversary. Unfortunately the CD was not available for general public, only for collectors. More info here

Skynight Avenue - Christmas Song 
(Date of release 17.12.2013)
1. Single Mix 3:40
2. Maxi Edit 5:20
3. Karaoke Mix 3:40
4. Instrumental 3:40


Radio special with Rolf Köhler productions

On 18, 19 and 20th October, we had a marathonic radio session with only music of Rolf Köhler. We got to hear again all his productions since 70's, 80's, 90's until last years. In same way we had a special in homage to Birger Corleis, remembering the first year since he passed away. We are grateful with the collaboration and support of Rolf and Birger friends, we could make a nice special thanks to them.


Rolf Köhler memorial and tribute sites

Today 16.09, we remember Rolf Köhler, you can let him a message here in this memorial site. Visit also our tribute site.



Nur Für Dich Alleine in DJ Hitparade

"Nur Für Dich Alleine" Fresh Fox Versión, up in positions in the DJ Hitparade. More info here



Nur Für Dich Alleine (Fresh Fox version)

A special new version of the new Marco Lessentin single will be soon available, they keep the choir of Systems In Blue but those versions are produced by Fresh Fox, including a Maxi version.

  Nur für Dich Allein - The Sunshine Melody

  1. Fresh Fox Radio Mix 4:17
  2. Fresh Fox Maxi Mix 7:35
  3. Karaoke Version 4:16
  4. Instrumental Version 4:19




Nur Für Dich Alleine

The new single of Marco Lessentin with the versions produced by Systems In blue, is already available in CD and online shops.

Nur Für Dich Allein
The Sunshine Melody

1. Single Version 4:06
2. Karaoke Version 4:06
3. Instrumental Version 4:04


Die Dandys

The german group from Brandenburg, Die Dandys, has released their first album, which is available in CD and as download since 19th May. This album contains popular german hits including Systems In Blue productions, reedited all in german: "Si Si Cheri", "Nur du", "Magical Moon", "Ich Liebe Dich", "Ein Leben Lang Mit Dir".




New production from Marco Lessentin

Marco has announced a new single which would appear on 14 June and as always will count with the participation of SIB in choirs. The song name is,"Nur Für Dich Allein (The Sunshine Melody). Stay tuned because this proyect will be available for all fans.




Second single of 1st Heavenue (not related to SIB)

This is another item which has not really relation with Systems In Blue or their members, although it copies the SIB style and can confuse some fans. The record is not available for general public, and will be available to a high price in a limited edition (only 222 copies). This song won't be available as MP3 release.

1st Heavenue (The second single)
Release date: 12.06.2013

1.Single Mix 4:15
2.Maxi Edit 7:40
3.Karaoke Mix 4:15
4.Instrumental 4:15


New song of Skynight Avenue

Here the lyric of the new song of Skynight Avenue, called "The Last fight of the Vampires", produced by Thomas Widrat with the special participation of SIB. This song is not available to public, only for a restricted collector group.

Last Fight Of The Vampires


The sun goes down - I look up to the sky
Behind the scenes they plan a secret lie
I hear a voice - a nightmare crossed my mind´
Cause the humans are like hypnotized and blind
They believe what they see
And they´ve lost every doubt
But the greatest tragedy
Is to following the crowd
Transylvanian night
Oh it´s the last fight of the vampires
Come on and take care
But never be scared about the phantoms of the world
Transylvanian night
Oh Bella black dressed men had played with fire
Babe it´s not too late
I´ll never hesitate to save this life for you
Babe don´t close your eyes ´til the break of day
It´s another silly game I have to say
I´ll never give it up to win the fight against the vampires
A full moon night - I hear the steeple bell
And the ship of fools is on the way to hell
The anchor is in sight
For a new trip to bane
Love me ´til the morning light
If I dream this dream again



Mega Bluebox

Since 5th March will be available a pack of 4 SIB CDs, this is a special edition of some already released compilations by Spectre, in this way we have: Symphony In Blue + Heaven & Hell The Mixes + Out Of The Blue, in a special pack. An interesting item specially for those who are starting to know about the music of this band, and for those who already know it, they can continue enjoying it.

You can order your pack here.



Concert in Elblag

On January 25th 2013, in the city of Elblag, Systems In Blue had a great performing. They were the fourth band that appeared after Fancy and before Bad Boys Blue, in a show that was started by Francesco Napoli and Gina T. There were five hours of a magnificant and successful show. People from Poland are starting to know and appreciate the music of Systems In Blue.

Video thanks to Hitparada80


Photo thanks to www.muzolandia.pl





About the show in Poland

The concerts programmed for the festival Hitparada were changed, now SIB will perform only in the first date this friday 25 in Elblag.




Lyric of Eppur Si Muoveln

Here is the lyric of the new song from Thomas Widrat. Unfortunately this single seems not available for general public and we are not allowed to even show their covers and pics.


Eppur Si MuoveIn

January of 1610
A man observed the sky
He looked to the Jove again and again
And found the truth behind the lie
He proved the belief of Coppernicus
And sailed close to the wind
Three weeks in a jail - later he confessed
But his words were not a sin
He changed the past worldview
Like visionaries always do
And now it´s the time for me and you

Galileo Galilei - oho
Had the power to discover
And he looked behind the scenes
Today we know this world is moving around the sun
Galileo Galilei - oho
Da Vinci, Newton and the other great explorers lived for dreams
And Galileo was sure - for sure
Eppur si muove
Don´t stop - do it - come on and have fun
Fly like Icarus up to the sun
Make it - dream it - go your own way
Like Galileo Galilei

In January of 1642
A broken hero died
Today all his words are concede as true
And his visions have survived
He changed the past worldview
Like everyone can do
And now it´s the time for me and you




New single of Marco Lessentin already available

Your Smile, the new single of Marco Lessentin is already available on CD and as download in the different virtual shops. If you wish to get one, you can fill this formular and order an item.

Dein Lächeln (Your Smile)
New single produced by SYSTEMS IN BLUE

1. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Single Version
2. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Long Version
3. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Karaoke Version
4. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Instrumental


New project of Thomas Widrat

We would like to talk more about this proyect, we have info enough, but we were censured by the same Thomas Widrat, we only can say that they are going to make a first release at the end of January 2013, to a very high price in a limited edition.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

We wish to all our fans and friends a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2013, we want to start this new age keeping the hope and faith that things will go better.



New single of Marco Lessentin

Next 7th December is announced the release of the new Marco Lessentin's single produced by Systems In Blue, it is called "Dein Lächeln" (Your Smile) and will come in two editions. Here the details included a little sample:

Dein Lächeln (Your Smile) - Special Edition
Produced by Systems In Blue, available as Maxi CD
Release Date: 07.12.2012

1. Single Version 4:42 min -  [exclusive sample
2. Karaoke Version: 4:43 min
Bonus Tracks: "Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade"
3. Single Version : 3:27 min.
4. Maxi Christmas Mix 4:14 min

Dein Lächeln (Your Smile) - Maxi Edition
Produced by Systems In Blue, available as Maxi CD & download
Release Date: 10.01.2013

1. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Single Version
2. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Long Version
3. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Karaoke Version
4. Dein Lächeln (your smile) - Instrumental




SIB message

After the announce of the show in Poland, SIB released a message to their fans:

Dear Fans, At the moment we are in the studio and work on some new things. There will also be again some appearances of us in 2013. To shorten the waiting period, we have put a "Best of SIB Video-Medley" online.




New show in Poland

The Hitparada festival has a new date the next year, and they are including to Systems In Blue again together with other stars of disco 80's music. This time it will take place on three dates, 25, 26 and 27 January 2013, the other stars are Gina T., Bad Boys Blue, Francesco Napoli and Fancy.




R.I.P. Birger Corleis

We are sad to inform that Birger Corleis, friend and colleague of Rolf Köhler, Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke, passed away on 30.10.12 at the age of 57. He was part of Springflut (1982) together Rolf Köhler and Detlef Wiedeke, Straight Flush (1984) together Rolf Köhler and Michael Scholz, also produced by Michael Scholz on 1992 to the proyect Junk Band. He worked as studio singer with Mary Roos, Roy Black, Howard Carpendale, Nino De Angelo, Simone, Thomas Anders among others. He was also part of the Modern Talking choir (he was the singer of "There's Too Much Blue In Missing You" from MT) and gave his voice in several Bohlen productions. He didn't join to the proyect SIB because he was playing with his own band and music proyects in another music style. Extraordinarius singer and talented musician won't be forgotten by people who knew him. R.I.P. Birger Corleis.




SIB on facebook

Here the links to follow SIB on facebook




Five years


Today we remember in special to Rolf Köhler, we are already 5 years without him but we never forget him.

R.I.P. Rolf


Report of the concert Hitparada 80'

We have a first report about the show last night on September 7th in Poland, with Systems In Blue, Gazebo, Fancy and C.C.Catch. Read it here.



About Olaf Senkbeil

More info about Olaf Senkbeil and his relation with SIB here.



More about Hitparada 80'

Due to the rumour about the presence of Marco Lessentin in the Hitparada 80', he already discarted this chance. The third person who will support SIB in stage will be the german singer Olaf Senkbeil. The event Hitparada 80', will take place this friday September 7th and is expected to be a show with 15,000 fans, enjoying the musical show with Fancy, Gazebo, CCCatch and Systems In Blue.



Show in Poland

As we know Systems In Blue is invited to the show of Hitparada 80's in Poland, together with Gazebo, Fancy and CCCatch. The show will be on September 7th and will start about 20 pm. SIB will perform about nine songs including their known MT-BS medleys. Althought is not confirmed the presence of Marco Lessentin, is probably a third member in the stage. Here the proposed tracklist of the show. Tickets and more information in www.hitparada80.pl

- Point Of No Return
- 1001 nights
- Lady Loraine
- Sexy Ann
- Dr. No
- Out Of The Blue
- Le Vent M' a Dit
- Magic Mystery
- Heaven & Hell
- MT- BS Mix


Si Si Cheri first in radio charts

Different german radio charts placed the song of Marco Lessentin in the first positions of popularity, a trend that was kept during July 2012. Here the video we produced in colaboration with our german site www.sibfans.de



Systems In Blue Facebook site

To keep you updated with the last news in relation with Systems In blue, you are invited to join in our SIB fans community, through the social network Facebook. Just give a like and share ;)

marco lessentin



New album best of

Spectre announced the release of a compilation album, which include the vocal demo versions by Rolf Köhler (we can remember before was released in independent way and limited edition). The new release also include productions to Patty Ryan, Mark Ashley and a couple of new mixes by DJ Deep 2k12

marco lessentin

Date of release: 10.07.2012


01. Do You Remember 3:36
02. Operation Love 3:09
03. Cinderella`s Heart 4:38
04. Give A Little Sweet Love 3:35
05. Marilyn's Dream 3:42
06. Gimme Gimme Money 3:43
07. Should I Stay - Should I Go 1:28 (Vocals by Rolf Köhler)
08. Lonely Nights In Avalon 3:35
09. In The Name Of Love 3:22
10. Shangri-La (DJ Deep 2k12 Remix) 3:46
11. One Summer night In Moscow (Patty Ryan feat. SIB) 3:31
12. Should I Stay, Should I Go (Patty Ryan feat. SIB) 3:29
13. Point Of No Return (Kalvin Madison House Remix) 6:40
14. 1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Extended Version) 6:53
15. Winner (Radio Edit) 3:40
16. Give A Little Sweet Love (Mark Ashley feat. SIB) 3:51
17. Made In Heaven - DJ Deep Hitmix 2k12 4:08
18. Schluss - Aus - Vorbei 3:28



Portada oficial mixes por DJ Deep 2k 12
  1. Made In Heaven - DJ Deep Hitmix 2k12
    (Give A Little Sweet Love/Gambler/Do You Remember/Shangri-La/Lonely Nights In Avalon) 3:48
  2. Shangri-La (DJ Deep 2k12 Remix) 4:08




SIB in Poland

Was published a coming show in Polen called Festival Hitparade 80's, with Systems In Blue, together legendary stars of disco 80's music as Gazebo, Fancy and CCCatch. The event will take place on 7th September. More information here.

marco lessentin




Promotional video of Si Si Cheri

We perform the promotional video done by our german version site www.sibfans.de




Si Si Cheri, new production to Marco Lessentin

Systems In Blue has produced a new song to Marco Lessentin, lyric is in german and choir in english, sung by Detlef Wiedeke and Michael Scholz. The song was performed in the Havelfest in Brandenburg and has got a good feedback since the release.

marco lessentin

Date of release: 15.06.2012



  1. Si Si Cheri (Single Version) 4:12
  2. Si Si Cheri (Long - Mix Version) 5:20
  3. Si Si Cheri (Karaoke Version) 4:12
  4. Si Si Cheri (Instrumental Version) 4:12



Merry Christmas and happy new year 2012

We wish to everybody a Merry Christmas and a hapy new year 2012. Many thanks for your loyalty and trust during all these years. Good music never dies!!.




Marco Lessentin in Xmas parade from Brandenburg an der Havel

Here we have the videos edited by our partner from sibfans.de, these was recorded in the last show of Marco Lessentin in the annual Christmas parade from Brandenburg an der Havel, on 03-12-2011. Marco performed there his three songs produced by SIB: "Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade", "Ich Liebe Dich" and "Ein Leben Lang Mit Dir".

Weihnachtsmannparade 2011

Ein Leben lang mit dir



New production with Marco Lessentin

A new single of Marco Lessentin will be released soon, the song is "Ein Leben Lang Mit Dir", and is produced again by SIB (Detlef Wiedeke), it will be broadcasted by the first timein the annual Christmas parade of Brandenburg, the next 03-12-11. We have in exclusive the cover and tracklist of the single.

marco lessentin
1. Ein Leben lang mit dir (Single Version)    3:58
2. Ein Leben lang mit dir (Karaoke Version) 3:58
3. Ein Leben lang mit dir (Instrumental)      3:58




Rolf Koehler Forever

Four years ago Rolf Köhler passed away, we invited you to check his work and the different productions in relation with this talentous artist here.

Rolf Koehler




Second album tribute - Rolf Köhler "In The name of Love"

Tonschatz announced the release of the second disk in tribute of Rolf, this is called"In The Name of Love" available since 8-07-2011. This album include versions sung by Rolf Köhler that were made to the production Heartbreak Boulevard, also instrumentals and other remixes.

Rolf Koehler

01. Operation Love 3:12
02. Cinderella’s Heart 4:40
03. Give A Little Sweet Love 3:37
04. In The Name Of Love 3:24
05. Lonely Nights In Avalon 3:38
06. Operation Love (Instrumental) 3:12
07. Back To The Summer’97 (Instrumental) 3:28
08. Gimme Gimme Money (Instrumental) 3:46
09. Cinderella’s Heart (Instrumental) 4:40
10. Marilyn’s Dream (Instrumental) 3:44
11. Lonely Nights In Avalon (Instrumental) 3:38
12. Do You Remember (Instrumental) 3:38
13. King Of Roses (Instrumental) 4:17
14. Heartbreak Boulevard (Instrumental) 3:59
15. High In The Sky (Instrumental) 3:29
16. In The Name Of Love (Instrumental) 3:24
17. Magical Moon (Instrumental) 3:47
18. You Kill Me With Your Smile (Instrumental) 3:41
19. Never Say Never (Instrumental) 3:29
20. Magic Mystery (Extended Dance Remix Instrumental) 5:11
21. Schluss – Aus – Vorbei (Demotrack) 3:28



Rolf Köhler 60th birthday

One day like today, 60 years ago was born Rolf Köhler. His fans, friends and followers around the world, remember him in his birthday.

Rolf Forever



New SIB production

Marco Lessentin is in contact with us for tell us about his new single produced by SIB, this will be called "Ich Liebe Dich" and will be released on 17.06.2011. It also will have a performing the next day.



Fan CDs with inedit stuff

This time in colaboration with Tonschatz Music, Systems In Blue makes a special announcement. Soon will be the 60 anniversay of the Rolf Köhler's birthday so, SIB has a special surprise to their fans. Two new fan-CDs with inedit versions will be released for limited edition. It will be available since 01.06.2011.
For order it you can send a mail to sib@tonschatz.de

Rolf Köhler “Do You Remember“ (CD 1)

01. Do You Remember (Rolfs Version)
02. Marilyn´s Dream (Rolfs Version)
03. Gimme Gimme Money (Rolfs Version)
04. Point Of No Return (Instrumental)
05. Winner (Instrumental)
06. 1001 Nights (Instrumental)
07. Avalon (Instrumental)
08. Every Little Thing (Instrumental)
09. Voodoo Queen (Instrumental)
10. The Story Of Lara Layne (Instrumental)
11. Calling Lady Loraine (Instrumental)
12. Sarah´s Dream (Instrumental)
13. Le Vent M´A Dit (Instrumental)
14. Can´t Stand The Pain (Instrumental)
15. Magic Mystery (Instrumental)
16. Only For You (Instrumental)
17. Should I Stay – Should I Go (Instrumental)
18. Key To Freedom (Instrumental)
19. Out Of The Blue (Instrumental)
20. Schluss – Aus – Vorbei (Rolfs Demotrack)


Rolf Köhler “In The Name Of Love“ (CD 2)

01. Operation Love (Rolfs Version)
02. Cinderella´s Heart (Rolfs Version)
03. Give A Little Sweet Love (Rolfs Version)
04. In The Name Of Love (Rolfs Version)
05. Lonely Nights In Avalon (Rolfs Version)
06. Operation Love (Instrumental)
07. Back To The Summer´97 (Instrumental)
08. Gimme Gimme Money (Instrumental)
09. Cinderella´s Heart (Instrumental)
10. Marilyn´s Dream (Instrumental)
11. Lonely Nights In Avalon (Instrumental)
12. Do You Remember (Instrumental)
13. Heartbreak Boulevard (Instrumental)
14. High In The Sky (Instrumental)
15. In The Name Of Love (Instrumental)
16. Magical Moon (Instrumental)
17. You Kill Me With Your Smile (Instrumental)
18. Never Say Never (Instrumental)
19. Give A Little Sweet Love (Instrumental)



Symphony in Blue

Las tiendas virtuales lo anuncian disponible a partir del 13.05.2011




Doble CD recopilatorio

Se anuncia un nuevo disco doble recopilatorio para systems In Blue, de nombre "Symphony In Blue (The Very Best Of)", este disco incluiría mixes y versiones playback nunca antes lanzadas oficialmente. La fecha de salida está programada para el 10 de Mayo próximo. Aquí el tracklist:

CD Album "Symphony In Blue (The Very Best Of)"
Salida: 10.05.2011
Formato: Doble-CD


01.  System In Blue 3:28
02.  Sexy Ann 3:43
03.  Jeannie Moviestar (Single Version) 3:38 (feat. Mark Ashley)
04.  Dr. No (Radio Edit) 3:30
05.  Point Of No Return (Alternative Radio Version) 3:39
06.  Heaven & Hell (Alternative Radio Version)  3:40
07.  1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Radio Edit) 4:12
08.  Voodoo Queen (Original Version) 4:20
09.  Every Little Thing (Extended Version) 7:03
10.  Magic Mystery (Alternative Extended Version) 6:22
11.  Two Faces (Alternative Radio Version) 3:43
12.  Shangri-La 3:15
13.  Out Of The Blue 3:34
14.  Gambler 3:53
15.  Les Yeux De L´Amour 3:20
16.  Winner (DJ Anders Mix) 3:56
17.  System In Blue (Instrumental Version) 3:28
18.  Sexy Ann (Instrumental Version) 3:43
19.  Voodoo Queen (Karaoke Version) 4:20



01. Into The Blue – The Hitmix 4:32
     Point Of No Return 0:52
     Voodoo Queen 0:42
     Dr.No 0:38
     1001 Nights 0:40
     Should I Stay, Should I Go (feat. Patty Ryan) 0:44
     Heaven & Hell 0:56
02.  Heaven & Hell (Extended Version) 6:04
03.  Jeannie Moviestar (Extended Version) 6:03 (feat. Mark Ashley)
04.  Point Of No Return (Maxi Version) 5:58
05.  Shadows Of Love (Maxi Version) 5:18
06.  Heaven & Hell (BlacksMax Remix) 5:53
07.  1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Slow Romantic Mix) 6:24
08.  Back To Life (Playback Version) 3:30
09.  Summer '97 (Playback Version) 3:17
10.  Gambler (Playback Version) 3:54
11.  Heaven & Hell (Playback Version) 3:38
12.  Two faces (Playback Version) 3:41
13.  Les Yeux De L'Amour (Playback Version) 3:41
14.  Shadows Of Love (Playback Version) 3:48
15.  Shangri-La (Playback Version) 3:16
16.  Take My Love Again (Playback Version) 4:00
17.  1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Rock Athmosony Mix) 6:24


Symphony in Blue

In virtual shops available since 13.05.2011



Double CD best of

It was announced a new double CD compilation with the songs of Systems In Blue, the name is "Symphony In Blue (The Very Best Of)", and it include mixes and playback versions never released officially before. The date of release is the on 10 May. Here the tracklist:

CD Album "Symphony In Blue (The Very Best Of)"
Date of release: 10.05.2011
Format: Double-CD


01.  System In Blue 3:28
02.  Sexy Ann 3:43
03.  Jeannie Moviestar (Single Version) 3:38 (feat. Mark Ashley)
04.  Dr. No (Radio Edit) 3:30
05.  Point Of No Return (Alternative Radio Version) 3:39
06.  Heaven & Hell (Alternative Radio Version)  3:40
07.  1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Radio Edit) 4:12
08.  Voodoo Queen (Original Version) 4:20
09.  Every Little Thing (Extended Version) 7:03
10.  Magic Mystery (Alternative Extended Version) 6:22
11.  Two Faces (Alternative Radio Version) 3:43
12.  Shangri-La 3:15
13.  Out Of The Blue 3:34
14.  Gambler 3:53
15.  Les Yeux De L´Amour 3:20
16.  Winner (DJ Anders Mix) 3:56
17.  System In Blue (Instrumental Version) 3:28
18.  Sexy Ann (Instrumental Version) 3:43
19.  Voodoo Queen (Karaoke Version) 4:20



01. Into The Blue – The Hitmix 4:32
     Point Of No Return 0:52
     Voodoo Queen 0:42
     Dr.No 0:38
     1001 Nights 0:40
     Should I Stay, Should I Go (feat. Patty Ryan) 0:44
     Heaven & Hell 0:56
02.  Heaven & Hell (Extended Version) 6:04
03.  Jeannie Moviestar (Extended Version) 6:03 (feat. Mark Ashley)
04.  Point Of No Return (Maxi Version) 5:58
05.  Shadows Of Love (Maxi Version) 5:18
06.  Heaven & Hell (BlacksMax Remix) 5:53
07.  1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Slow Romantic Mix) 6:24
08.  Back To Life (Playback Version) 3:30
09.  Summer '97 (Playback Version) 3:17
10.  Gambler (Playback Version) 3:54
11.  Heaven & Hell (Playback Version) 3:38
12.  Two faces (Playback Version) 3:41
13.  Les Yeux De L'Amour (Playback Version) 3:41
14.  Shadows Of Love (Playback Version) 3:48
15.  Shangri-La (Playback Version) 3:16
16.  Take My Love Again (Playback Version) 4:00
17.  1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Rock Athmosony Mix) 6:24




Attention, the name, tracklist and date of release for the new SIB double CD best of, were modified.



Hungarian magazine include SIB

The number of february from "Retro Zenei Magazin", included a promotional CD with songs and remixes of the first album from Systems In Blue, the CD was offered specially to people who still don't know about this band, and it also include some remix versions of Modern Talking as extra-bonus. More infos here.


Russian Chat

Yesterday 22-01-11 in the Modern Talking russian forum, there was a private russian chat with the polemic member of SIB, Michael Scholz. The chat was in english but despite some non-russians fans tried to enter, they could not join to this event. To them and to all people interested, here is possible to read it.


Happy holidays and happy new year 2011

Systems In Blue Hispanomerica wish to all our visitors a Merry Christmas, happy holidais and a prosperous new year 2011.



New version of x-mas song
Marco Lessentin announced that a new version of the christmas song “Weihnachtsmannparade”, will be edited this year. This new CD include new versions of the songs. The song also will be perfomed again in the Christmas parade of Brandenburg where this time the same SIB members will sing together Marco. More information about the show in Brandenburg (in german), here.


01. Single-Version [2010] 3:27
02. Maxi-Christmas-Mix [2010] 4:14
03. Karaoke-Version [2009] 3:17





Work with DJ Moraz
Many fans are asking us about the work that DJ Moraz is making together with SIB. A short note appeared in the official german site, we didn't want to reveal anything until get the direct official information and permission from DJ Moraz, but due to the many insistence, we can comment that he has been working long time together SIB. Moraz visited Hamburg during the first weeks of november together a collegue from the Israeli TV and they recorded many audiovisual stuff about a SIB special and a production that would be broadcasted soon.



Three years ago
A day like today, three years ago, the mastersinger Rolf Köhler, main leader of Systems In Blue, passed away. SIB-Hispana make a special memorial in this date. R.I.P. Rolf Köhler
Here a little video tribute by Masby Music - SIB Spain




New websites to Systems In Blue
We make public our colaboration with Systems In Blue Spain, a site created by Masby Music Spain by David Masegoza, which will continue giving info in spanish about this band, under support of Systems In Blue - Hispanoamerica. Exist also Systems In Blue International, special promotional website in english, for the non-spanish speakers fans.
- Systems In Blue Spain
- Systems In Blue International



Systems In Blue in Facebook

Fans and follower of Systems In Blue music who are also members of facebook, are invited to join in our site by facebook. Follow the link making click in the logo.



We are updating our section Gallery with pictures of the shows in Ekaterinburg and Branderburg.




Back to the summer 97 by Marco Lessentin (Sample)


Systems In Blue and Fancy in Brandenburg

Systems In Blue will perform together Marco Lessentin on 19 june in the Havelfest of Branderburg. They together will sing two songs, Jeannie Moviestar and Summer 97. Systems In Blue will also have their own show singing their songs, including the Modern Talking medley.

The ex-drummer of Blue System and Modern Talking, Michel Rollin is also invited to be part of this event, and he will play together Marco and Systems In Blue in stage.

Marco Lessetin, an old collaborator of Dieter Bohlen in Blue System (backline 1989-1991), organizer of events, entertainer, singer, presenter and DJ, send some words to SIB fans, here part of this message: Dear SIBfans, then of my good experience and cooperation together Detlef and Michael, the last year with the production of "Die größte weihnachtsmannparade", I want to do more then just say thank you to Detlef and Michael. A big thanks also to all fans for the support and the great reactions we got with the CD " Die größte weihnachtsmannparade" also thanks for the orders. This gave me power to convince to Detlef and Michael to work in future together. All together there will be 3 stages (...) The concert from us and Systems In Blue starts at 21.00 and after our show I reserved to Fancy for all 80s fans, Fancy will be on stage after our concert. I am looking forward to this great evening and i think it's a "must" for all fans...



Report of SIB in Russia
Michael Scholz shared with SIB-Hispanoamerica the report of his journey to Russia. Here the first chapter, where he tells about his experiences before and during the concert in Ekaterinburg.

- English Version
- Russian Version
- German Version



Rolf Köhler birthday

We remember today the birthday date of the master Rolf Köhler, who passed away about 3 years ago, but who is always present by the memory and love of their fans and friends.
Happy Birthday
dear Rolf Köhler!!



Concert in Ekaterinburg
The concert started about 20.15pm and took more than 1 hour. The place was full with fans, who only were there for see to Systems In Blue and sing with their songs. Then of the show, SIB members had a time for sign autographs and take some pictures with the fans.

Tracklist of the show:
01. Magic Mystery (Extended) 5:16
02. Winner 3:38
03. Back To Life 3:25
04. Modern Talking Medley 6:33
05. Sexy Ann 3:43
06. Voodoo Queen 4:20
07. Two Faces 3:36
08. Dr. No 3:27
09. Point Of No Return 3:27
10. Blue System Medley 7:49
11. 1001 Nights 3:34
12. Heaven & Hell 3:51
13. Le Vent M´A Dit 4:17
14. Key To Freedom 3:44

Picture thanks to Elena Mitko


Korean Edition
Since April is available a korean edition of the Systems In Blue albums. This is a double CD which include the songs from "Point Of No Return" and "Out Of The Blue" edited under authorization of Spectre label and made in Korea.

SIB Korea


Into The Blue- The Hitmix video
We hope you enjoy of this video.



SIB in Russia
Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke members of Systems In Blue, will have two performings, in the cities of Chelyabinsk on May 02nd and Yekaterinburg on May 03rd, Urals - Russia. Tickets available here.


SIB Megamix inside DJ charts
The megamix of Systems In Blue, Into The blue - The Hitmix, is inside the DJ top 100 of german charts.


Happy New Year 2010
SIB Hispanoamerica wish to all our visitors a happy new year, to Michael and Detlef all the best in everyone of their proyects, and all the best to all SIB fans around the world, thanks for your support and loyalty.




The Big Blue Megamix
The new megamix album "The big blue Megamix" will be released on 19th january. Here the tracklist.


01 Dr. No 3:05
02 Key To Freedom 1:43
03 One Summer Night In Moscow (feat. Patty Ryan) 2:25
04 Voodoo Queen 4:02
05 Magic Mystery 3:43
06 Point Of No Return 3:33
07 Summer '97 3:00
08 1001 Nights 2:39
09 Le Vent M'a Dit 2:43
10 Shangri-La 2:32
11 Can't Stand The Pain 3:16
12 Calling Lady Lorraine 3:12
13 Should I Stay Should I Go (feat. Patty Ryan) 3:12
14 Two Faces 3:30
15 Every Little Thing 2:04
16 Les Yeux De L'Amour 2:52
17 Back To Life 3:16
18 Out Of The Blue 3:20
19 Heaven & Hell 2:33
20 Winner 4:14
21 Gambler 1:45

22 Into The Blue - The Hitmix (Popurri) 4:32
23 Magic Mystery (C. Marner's Edit) 6:04
24 1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Slow Romantic Mix) 4:45

the big blue megamix



New releases
Here the new releases from Spectre to Systems In Blue, These are a single hitmix and a megamix of the two album songs of Systems In Blue. The date of release of this new CDs will be in the first weeks of the next year 2010.

Into The Blue The Hitmix

The Big Blue Megamix




Lyric of "Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade"
Here the lyric and an english translation

Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade

1. Strophe
Du stehst früh auf - heut ist dein Tag
Der dir das ganze Jahr auf der Seele lag
Du ziehst den roten Mantel wieder an -
Es geht gleich los - die Wagen Starten
Jeder kann es kaum erwarten
Die Karawane fängt sich zu bewegen an


Wir feiern heute, „Hey" Finale - Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade
Wir feiern durch - die ganze Nacht bis morgen früh!
Hundert Bilder, tausend Leute - wir machen Stimmung, nicht nur heute
Weihnachtszeit - ist die schönste Zeit im ganzen Jahr

2. Strophe
Du bist dabei - und am Straßenrand
feiern alle mit im Weihnachtsklang
Weihnachtsmänner überall wo hin man sieht
Tolle Lichter schöner Schein - so soll es immer wieder sein
Brandenburg wird jedes Jahr Gastgeber sein.

Wir feiern heute, „Hey" Finale - Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade
Wir feiern durch - die ganze Nacht bis morgen früh!
Hundert Bilder, tausend Leute - wir machen Stimmung, nicht nur heute
Weihnachtszeit - ist die schönste Zeit - im ganzen Jahr

Merry Christmas happy Day
For Peace and Freedom we shall pray
Christmas Parade for our Land - and all the World
Happy Children happy Day
Smiling Faces all the way
Merry Christmas for this Land - and all the World

Hundert Bilder, tausend Leute - wir machen Stimmung, nicht nur heute
Weihnachtszeit - ist die schönste Zeit - im ganzen Jahr !


The biggest parade of father Christmas

1. Strophe
You get up early – today, it's your day
which you waited the whole year for
you wear your red coat again
it begins soon – the sleighs starting to ride
everyone is waiting for that
the caravan begins to move
We're celebrating hey - the biggest parade of father christmas
we're celebrating the whole night until the morning comes
hundreds of pictures, thousands of people, we make laughter, not just today
christmastime – this is the most beautiful time in the year
2. Strophe
You are here and at the roadside
all are celebreating with the christmas sounds
Father Christmas wherever you look
great lights, beautiful and bright – it should be always like today
every year Brandenburg will be the host
We're celebrating hey - the biggest parade of father christmas
we're celebrating the whole night until the morning comes
hundreds of pictures, thousands of people, we make laughter, not just today
christmastime – this is the most beautiful time in the year
Merry Christmas happy Day
For Peace and Freedom we shall pray
Christmas Parade for our Land - and all the World
Happy Children happy Day
Smiling Faces all the way
Merry Christmas for this Land - and all the World
Hundreds of pictures, thousands of people, we make laughter, not just today
christmas time – this is the most beautiful time in the year


Christmas production
Systems In Blue produced a christmas single to the WeihnachtsmannParade from Brandenburg by Marco Lessentin. It's a german song called "Die größte Weihnachtsmannparade" and it has the style and sound of SIB, with the typical choir of high pitch voices.



New Release
Spectre Media announced a new release of Systems In Blue, that probably would come in spring of 2010, this will be a new album megamix. There are no more details for the moment.



Two years without Rolf
Rolf Köhler, talentous singer, musician, producer and main leader of Systems In Blue passed away two years ago, victim of an apoplegic attack that hit him on 13-09-2007 and surviving only 3 days. Their fans in all the world remember him and Michael wrote some words about that in SIB board. Systems In Blue can't continue in same way since then.



Rolf Köhler Productions
We updated this week our site dedicated to all the music productions and participations of Rolf Köhler. You can enter directly to this section here.



Le vent m'a dit Video
Systems In Blue with Rolf Köhler singing the song "Le vent m'a dit". Exclusive video of SIB hispana and sibfans.de


Interview to SIB by radiostation "Uniton" (Novosibirsk - Russia)
A russian radiostation made a special were they included an interview to Systems In Blue. It was broadcasted for the International Women's day in the radio Uniton (Yuniton) from Novosibirsk in Russia. Michael Scholz answer the questions and at the end it include the medley of the hits of Modern Talking by SIB. Read and listen the interview



Heaven & Hell Remixes
A new album of special remixes, Heaven & Hell - The Mixes, is announced to be released on 14.04.2009. Here the tracklist and cover.

SYSTEMS IN BLUE - Heaven & Hell - The Mixes

01 Magic Mystery (Extended Remix) 5:10
02 Heaven & Hell (Remastered 2009 Version) 3:34
03 Point Of No Return (MS Project Full Intention RMX) 3:25
04 Shadows Of Love (Kevin Täschler aka Blackened RMX) 3:46
05 1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Rockhouse Mastercut) 5:16
06 Shangri-La (Remastered 2009 Version) 3:15
07 1001 Nights (C.C.F. Party Mix) 4:04
08 Point Of No Return (Kalvin Madison Club RMX Radio Version) 3:45
09 Gambler (Remastered 2009 Version) 3:53
10 Point Of No Return (MS Project Classical RMX) 3:36
11 Dr. No (Extended Version) 6:03
12 1001 Nights (DJ Moraz Long Ethno RMX) 6:29
13 Winner (Reflex Club Mix) 3:53
14 Winner (DJ Moraz Long Version) 8:26
15 One Summer Night In Moscow - Patty Ryan feat. SIB 3:31
16 Give A Little Sweet Love - Mark Ashley feat. SIB 3:51
17 Winner (Reflex House Mix) 4:23



Heaven & Hell single
The second single of Out Of The Blue album, Heaven & Hell will be released very soon, it will include the songs "Heaven & Hell" and "Out Of The Blue", the release in CD format will be available exclusive for DJs.



New Release
Akasa Records release the re-edition of this old Fan-CD, that before was released in limited edition without a label. This re-edition include a maxi version produced by Talking System. For get the single you can contact to www.akasa-records.de / info@akasa-records.de
This month the song entered directly onn 17 position of Ballermann charts.

01 System In Blue - Radio Version 3:38
02 System In Blue - Long Version 6:15
03 System In Blue - Instrumental 3:28

Label: AKASA Records
Release: 02.02.2009

system in blue




Italian interview to Mark Ashley
Thanks to Andrea Dasso, our friend from Italy, who again send us this information. Mark Ashley is having some interviews by many radios.
Interview of Andergraund Magazine



Happy Birthday dear Michael!!
Today 26 - 01 our big star Michael Scholz has his birthday. SIB hispanoamérica want to send him special greetings and our best wishes from all their fans in Hispanoamerica and the World. Our friend Marek Bonk made an special tribute available for a time in youtube.



Italian interview to Michael Scholz
From the article about SIB by Andrea Dasso published on Andergraund Magazine (published here with his authorization). Read Interview



Dr. No videoclip
Systems In Blue with the song Dr. No, recording from Kiel on 30-05-2008. Video by SIB-Hispana & www.sibfans.de



Modern System (Talking System) Album
The first album of Talking System, "(In my) Backstreet Heaven", is now available. More info in their official site www.talkingsystem.de

01. (In My) Backstreet Heaven (Video)
02. My Bed is Too Big
03. Sexy Sexy Lover
04. Doctor Mabuse (Video)
05. Ready For The Victory
06. Lucifer
07. You Are Not Alone
08. Sorry Little Sarah
09. China In Her Heyes
10. Dèjà Vu
11. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
12. Six Years - Six Nights
13. Brother Louie
14. Under My Skin
15. Cheri Cheri Lady
16. (In My) Backstreet Heaven (SN-Malone Dub Mix)



SIB in Ratingen
The last 3rd October was the perform of Systems In Blue together with Modern System (Talking System), in the festival of Ratingen. Their show started at 22.30 p.m. and was about one hour, Michael Scholz sang the two programmed songs of SIB, Dr. No and Heaven & Hell, Detlef Wiedeke played the guitar live and they also were the choir of Modern System songs.
The proyect Modern System has just released their first album "(In My) Backstreet Heaven", with the hits of Modern Talking and Blue System in new versions and the voices of SIB.




Covers by Rolf Köhler
Rolf Köhler fans can listen this raritie cover that was found in a CD included in the book of Jürgen Kumlehn, for learn to play guitar. More samples here

Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers Cover)



Show in Ratingen
Was published the tracklist of the songs will be performed by Talking System and SIB in the next show in Ratingen on 3rd October.

01. Intro - Backstreet Heaven
02. Ready For The Victory
03. My Bed Is Too Big
04. You Can Win If You Want
05. Dr. No
06. Doctor Mabuse
07. China In Her Eyes
08. Sorry Little Sarah
09. Heaven And Hell
10. Backstreet Heaven
11. Brother Louie
12. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul


Rolf Köhler memorial
Today one year ago, our Master Rolf Köhler died, his friend and collague Michael Scholz give some words in his memory. Here the official video by Arne.



SIB & Talking System
Systems In Blue will perform again with Talking System in a show called "Pop & Oldie Night" this will be on 03.10.2008 in Ratingen. More information in www.a1-events.de/



SIB CDs in Pickup-CD
The online shop www.pickup-cd.com offer since now the CDs of SIB and productions available to many european countries.
Poin Of No Return, 1001 Nights, Voodoo Queen, Dr. No, Out Of The Blue, Heartbreak Boulevard and others.



Rolf Köhler production
This is a fanvideo from www.sibfans.de to the song from Kids can't kill - "Voodoo countdown", Rolf Köhler production 1987(8).



New System In Blue forum
The new forum include an Internacional area were non germans fans also can participate. Forum



Concert in Kiel with Modern System
The concert of Kiel was on 30 May, according to the fans it was a great show, the public was bigger than in the first concert in Dresden, Systems In Blue performed some songs of their album "Out Of The Blue", Michael Scholz sang these songs that were Dr. No, Heaven & Hell, and Two Faces, then was the show of Modern System, they sang the songs of their new album, the vocalist name is Ulli Eichblatt, he sang the most popular hits of Modern Talking and Blue System, the last song was the Hit Medley of Modern Talking. The show was recording for a professional camera and maybe will be available for buy then. Anyway we have exclusive pictures available in our picture gallery soon.



Concert in Bad Salzungen, SIB feat Mark Ashley
As we know the anual Fan meeting of Mark Ashley this time has to Systems In Blue as special guests, it was the last saturday 24 May, fans from all parts of Germany and even out of Germany were there. During the show there was a moment for remember to Rolf Köhler, this day was also his birthday and SIB make a pause in his memory. Songs performed were of the new album of Mark Ashley "Heartbreak Boulevard" and also from the single "Jeannie Moviestar". The show had three parts.
Tracklist of first part:
01 Jeannie Moviestar
02 Back To Summer 97
03 Marylin's Dream
04 Gimme Gimme Money
05 Lonely nights in Avalon
06 High In The Sky

Tracklist of second part:
07 Cinderella's Heart
08 Do you Remember
09 Heartbreak Boulevard
10 Jeannie Moviestar
11 King Of Roses
12 Operation Love
13 Magical Moon
14 Never Say Never
15 You Kill Me With Your Smile

Then of the show with Systems In Blue, Mark Ashley gave his own alone, singing songs of his old productions included his famous hit "The Fans Of Modern Talking".



Heartbreak Boulevard Video Promo
The new album of Mark Ashley produced by Systems In Blue is now available. Here the video promo


Fan CD Sold out!
All the copies were already sold, but fans can still get one in the Fanclub Party with Mark Ashley this 24.05, there will be available 100 copies more.



New Fan CD "Jeannie Moviestar"
The new Fan-CD of Systems In Blue is called "Jeannie Moviestar", and the song was sung by Mark Ashley. This is a limited edition, only 300 copies are available throught the SIB site. More info in www.systems-in-blue.de/fan-cd/

1. Jeannie Moviestar (Single Version) 3:38
2. Jeannie Moviestar (Karaoke Version) 3:38
3. Jeannie Moviestar (Instrumental Version) 3:38



Modern System meets Systems In Blue
Modern System, music proyect that perform the hits of Modern Talking and Blue System in the sound of today and that recently has released his promotional single "(In My) Backstreet Heaven", are going to have two live shows together with SIB, (Michael and Detlef sing the chorus). These concerts will be on 23-05-08 in Dresden and 30-05-08 in Kiel, cities from Germany.

Source: www.modernsystem.de


Mark Ashley Album and new SIB Fan-CD
Here the tracklist of "Heartbreak Boulevard", the new album of Mark Ashley produced by Systems In Blue, it will be available in the middle of May. Has been also announced a new Fan CD from SIB, Mark Ashley record it recently and will be available soon in limited edition.

01. Operation Love 03:10
02. Back To The Summer ´97 03:26
03. Gimme Gimme Money 03:45
04. Cinderella´s Heart 04:37
05. Marilyn´s Dream 03:42
06. Lonely Nights In Avalon 03:35
07. Do You Remember 03:33
08. King Of Roses 04:12
09. Heartbreak Boulevard 03:55
10. High In The Sky 03:26
11. In The Name Of Love 03:20
12. Magical Moon 03:45
13. You Kill Me With Your Smile 03:37
14. Never Say Never 03:28
15. Give A Little Sweet Love 03:51




Autograph of SIB
SIB share their autograph with the fans, now is available in www.systems-in-blue.de, the last autograph with Rolf Kôhler, for download go to this link:


Mark Ashley album
Some samples of the new album of Mark Ashley & SIB, "Heartbreak Boulevard" are available for download in his site




New Samples
These are new samples of the album that will be released this friday 21.03.2008
*Due to the better quality the load can be slow


Promo Trailer Out Of The Blue
According to www.systems-in-blue.de the album will be released now at the end of March. They make a promotional trailer that will be broadcast in Germany by tele5 between 20-28 March. The trailer is also available by the official channel of SIB in youtube.

Systems in Blue, the new album "Out Of The Blue" with 12 new tracks included the actual single Dr. No, now in stores!
More info about the trailer in the german version of www.systems-in-blue.de



The cover of Out Of The Blue
The site wwww.sib-music.de published today the cover of the new album.


Out Of The Blue Tracklist
Is now already available the tracklist of "Out Of The Blue" the new album is coming in April.

01. Dr.No 3:27
02. Heaven & Hell 3:34
03. Back To Life 3:25
04. Gambler 3:53
05. Key To Freedom 3:44
06. Les Yeux De L'Amour 3:20
07. Shadows Of Love 3:46
08. Shangri-La 3:15
09. Take My Love Again 3:54
10. Summer'97 3:16
11. Two Faces 3:36
12. Out Of The Blue 3:34



About Releases
The new álbum of Systems In Blue "Out Of The Blue" will be available on April 08. There alre also info that the new Mark Ashley album will be called "Heartbreak Boulevard" and is coming in May of this year.



Official Site updated!
Since now the official Systems in Blue site is again available http://www.systems-in-blue.de/.




Message to fans
The following message was posted by Michael yesterday, that was in answer to the Birthday greetings from fans that he received the last saturday 26th and also about the comming new stuff from SIB.

thanks a lot for your best wishes to my birthday.
Date of release of Dr. No will be on 19.02.2008. I hope all of you will go to the stores, to make a pre-order...even tell it your mum, dad, uncles, aunts and everyone you know.. with your help we will make the chartentry for sure this time..if you..if you order specifically in big markets!!

The work on the new SIB album is now finished, the preparations for the release are launched.
That's not enough! Mark Ashley recorded 14 brandnew tracks written by SIB and we work now with high pressure to complete the arrangements. So there will be a lot in the times you can look forward.

So come up with ideas, how to support us and to make us more famous..hurry up..that the succes will prove it.

Thanks a million in advance

yours Michael



Dr. No lyric
Detlef Wiedeke make avaiable this lyric.

Dr. No

Who´s Dr. No
Some people let me know
Be careful
What has he done
A man was on the run
Baby he is cruel
Stop – danger zone
An island is his home
Called Crab Key
Light blue lagoon
A world behind the moon
Like a mystery
Your kiss in the twilight time
A dragon creeps around
Close your eyes, Baby – wait and keep quiet
When you hear the sound

Doc, Dr. No has a plan
Baby he´s a dangerous man
It´s a trick – can´t you see
It´s a fight for mastery
Doc, Dr. No – he´s insane
And he plays a crazy game
Send an S.O.S. Babe
It´s not too late
Dr. – Dr. – Dr. No
He attacks you – don´t you know
World in danger
Don´t give up – it´s time to go
Dr. – Dr. – Dr. No
Midnight fighter – stop I know
He´s a gangster
Run and hide – it´s time to go

Who´s Dr. No
A young girl lets me know
He scared men
Baby it´s time
Oh he commits a crime
And he plans again
Stop – danger zone
Oh we are not alone
On Crab Key
Blue neonlight
A soldier by your side
Baby can you see
Your kiss in the twilight time
We´re undercover, girl
Close your eyes, Honey Rider – keep quiet
He will rule the world



Dr. No Cover
The official cover of the new Systems In Blue single. Date of Release: 19.02.2008

01 Dr. No (Radio Edit) 3:30 ISRC: DE-G41-08-55101
02 Dr. No (Maxi Version) 6:03 ISRC: DE-G41-08-55102
03 Dr. No (Instrumental Version) 3:30 ISRC: DE-G41-08-55103



Fan Meeting Mark Ashley feat Systems In Blue
The second Fan Meeting of Mark Ashley will be on 24-05 and this time will have to Systems In Blue as guests, in this Fanclub party, Mark will introduce his new album and will sing the new titles. Then people will have the chance, for get photos with Mark & SIB and also make questions. Tickets price is 6.00 euros. Source: www.markashley.de
Location address:
"Kulturzentrum KW 70"
Leimbacher Str. 70
36433 Bad Salzungen