Detlef Wiedeke, Michael Scholz, Rolf Köhler and Dieter Bohlen.
Real photo taken on 13-09-95


The true story about Modern Talking

September 3, 1984; four singers were called to the Arnie Music Studio in Hamburg for a test session. Their names were: Rolf Köhler, Birger Corleis, Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke. In the Studio, they met with the composer and producer Dieter Bohlen, also they were know to Luis Rodriguez and the german singer Thomas Anders. During this day, they recorded four songs. An ordinary German song, a disco song with German and English lyrics, and finally a song that could become to a megahit "You're My Heart, You're My Soul". Actually at this time they didn't know what style to choose, then after many hours working, they created a totally new unmistakable sound. Since this moment the genre of "Modern Talking" began. For the arrangement, chorus and first vocals in the recorded songs, the musicians received a payment of 350 dollars. Within a short space of time, without adverstisment and without videoclip, "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" start to be number one in the German charts. This sensation was brought about with help of the radio DJs. The Team in the studio had made a new sound wich became to be a unique, many other music producers tried to copy and duplicate the new style. The main characteristic of the Modern Talking sound was the chorus, that consisted of singers with high tone voices.

The great success was celebrated in a big party with more than 100 guests of the press, radio and musical industry. During the celebration, two speeches were given. One of the speakers was Dieter Bohlen. Bohlen's speech was adressed to the guests, and colleauges and especially to his group of singers. He recognized their excellent work and promised them that they would be considered in music licensing rights in the future. These were to prove empty words. Without doubt, the first six Modern Talking albums would not have proven so popular without the genious input of these four singers and musicians, that is a fact.


The beginning of Systems In Blue

The history of this group start in May of 2003, since Thomas Widrat, had the idea of return to and produce a modern music with the 80's style. The team was formed of Rolf Köhler, Detlef Wiedeke and Michael Scholz, they were the original backing group of Modern Talking and Blue System, so then within two months they decided to use the name of “Systems In Blue”, the heritage link is obvious.

The memory of their work alongside Dieter Bohlen in the past, served to form the inspiration for their first song, which was named "Magic Mystery", a song dedicated to the title of Blue System hit "Magic Symphony" from 1989. The inspiration and reflection of “Modern Talking” and “Blue System” is obvious in their songs. To the fans around the world of this sound, the former groups are now fond memories, but now there is a chance to relive and enjoy this distinctive sound once again, presented by “Systems in Blue”.