Interview by Radiostation "Uniton" (Novosibirsk- Russia)
Special for International women's day

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Translation thanks to Serega from Russia

Today the team “Stereo” made a great surprise for woman, which is connected with famous musicians of the group Modern Talking and Dieter Bohlen’s project Blue System. It’s a musical project Systems In Blue – Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke. Why do we talk about them? Because these people became famous all over the world for their collaboration with group Modern Talking and Dieter Bohlen’s project Blue System. They recorded the instruments in their studio, made arrangements, wrote harmony. So they took a very active part in creation such disco giants. All back vocals, which you hear in Modern Talking and Blue System, are made just by them!.
So, let Michael Scholz tell us himself, how all this was created. We called to Germany and now there is an express interview especially for you in honor of the holiday!.

Michael, how did you entered the music?

My father was a musician. My grandfather was a musician too. I started my creation, when I was 12 or 13 years old. It was heard days of the Beatles. So it was really amazing to be part of this!.

And what do you think is your best work?

Oh, we made so many good songs and I am stagnated with saying which one is the best. We have a marvelous album ” Out Of The Blue’ with the titles “Dr No”, “Heaven And Hell”, “Two Faces”. We put our soul and love to our songs. These are all our babies, you know.

How did your genius collaboration with Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders begin?

We started in 1984 in the studio session, where was Thomas Anders. And we recorded 3 songs in German and one in English called “You’re My Heart You’re My Soul” and nobody knew what would happen with this song. Nobody knew that song. And then Modern Talking was founded. That all happened incidentally.

And what is your favorite song of Modern Talking?

Oh yes, it’s "You’re My Heart You’re My Soul”. It’s the first and most favorite, because it’s the first one. We worked very hard with the sound, before this song was created in studio session.

Thank you Michael. And, at last, when our program will be broadcasted, in Russia The International Women’s Day will be celebrated. What would you like to wish all Russian women?

I wish them all the best and good luck and health and love. All the best to everybody – to every girl and every woman, young or old. I give them my best regards from Germany to far away Novosibirsk!

That was a warm regard from Germany. And now to finish our picture let’s listen to Systems In Blue! It’s the medley of Modern Talking hits. The same versions, the same vocals, which were created by Michael Scholz and Detlef Wiedeke. It is the original sound. Perhaps, you will recognize the echoes of the past in it, because these voices sound in songs, which we love, remember and adore since our childhood!.