Andergraund Magazine: Italian Interview to Michael Scholz


by Andrea Dasso

1. In my humble opinion you've released one of the best synth-pop albums of 2008, which are the biggest differences between Out Of The Blue and Point Of Not Return, your previous work? And how is been received Out Of Blue by the German public and critic?

Obviously there is a difference between PONR and OOTB - we decided actually to refrain from copying only the sounds and patterns from the 80ties and give it more and more our own handwriting !  Although already in our first album we went our own ways mostly.
But in the second album the variety of themes, melodies and styles are nearly perfect.
Unfortunately the public and critics don’t pay any attention ! Sometimes it seems like a spell, just like an all mighty octopus is preventing our publicity, acknowledgement and appreciation.

2. Why did you have choose Out Of The Blue like title for the album? It could me think to an end of an era or something similar, is it so?

No - No ! Out Of The Blue means nothing more and less, than something unexpected is going to occur .... nobody could foresee, that it meant the parting from Rolf Köhler in the end.

3. The open track: Dr. No, the first single : I think that is an outstanding piece of pop music, one of the the most brilliant released in the last year. Which is been your inspiration for this track? What does it mean? The lyric is linked deeply with the character of Ian Fleming's book and the movie with Sean Connery but is there even a deep or hidden meaning? Even the single art cover is well done, do you give a particular attention to the graphic of every your release? And a curiosity: what does the voice say in the beginning of Dr. No?

Of course we referred to the James Bond story - but the hidden meaning that you suppose is, that each and every moment mad and megalomaniac persons are trying to manipulate the world -  aint you aware of that ? We send an SOS to world ............

4. Another queston about Dr. No: have you planed to make some remixes of it? The song, for me, could be a great dance anthem if remixed well. And then have you ever plain to release a video? And if yes, why is it not be released?

The only video recorded yet was for 1001 Nights - a continuation is the decision of our record company.

5. You've released 5 singles from the previous album, why only one from Out Of The Blue? I think that it's an album with some good potential singles. And do you think that it would possible in the next future to see you in tour? At this time there is not been a tour to promote the last album and you've only partecipated to festivals or special events like the last in Ratingen but you're so good live.

We released these singles in a period of about three years, so why so impatiently ?
If there is a large request for mixes and singles we will for sure satisfy these demands.

6. Which is your favourite song of the last album and why? Do you have a song that each of you feels more of your own or linked in a special way to his life or experiences?

My preference is Key to Freedom because it combines all of the other songs to one focus.

7. Let's get back for a moment to your first album: Point Of Not Return. Is there a leitmotiv that links to each others the songs of the album or not? What did SIB want to say to the public with this album? And at the end which is the song that for your has the strong meaning in it?

We started the project SYSTEMS IN BLUE with the intention to show everybody that the sound lives on and we are the original voices - just with a single issue - the point of no return came when we had to admit, that we are bidden to produce an album !
We composed songs, melodies and tried to tell stories .
And everything embedded into gorgeous sounds and rhythms.
People all around the world listen to us and send us their regards, sympathy and respect.

8. You're been the choir of great projects like Modern Talking and Blue System, which are the biggest differences for you between SIB and your previous collaborations?

In fact we are the voices of MT and BS although this is officially unacknowledged - but there are documents and contracts that prove. we are at least the refrain voices of BS !
Today we sing our own songs – that is the difference !

9. Mark Ashley, Patty Ryan, Tom Fischer, Judith B. and now Talking System are all artists that you have worked with, which is your favourite collaboration? Or the collaboration that gave you more from artistic point of view.

We like to work with and for each artist that shares our imagination and conception of music.

10. A question about your kind of music: why do you think your music so 80's but like other from 80's bands like Pet Shop Boys or Erasure is still popular nowdays? There are several young guys that love it even if maye they weren't born in the 80's or were children. The critics, radios and Tvs ssy that it's plastic and low quality music while listen rock or rap music is cool and Ok, but 80's bands and their music are still alive and loved in the world, which is the reason for you?

We are always in between a controversy of tastes - everybody has got his own ! So if some like our style we are proud and satisfied - we only do what we can do the best !

11. Music and internet: I think that music is changed very deeply since you've started your pop history in the last 70's, now the music download (legal or above all illegal) are killin' the traditional music market with its vinyls, CDs and single. Are you old fashioned like me and you like most physical formats or you're for the new formats: iTunes, mp3s and iPod?
And then, i know that in your fanbase there are mad collectors of your releases, do you think to go on to release singles and albums in the physical formats to satisfy this particular piece of your market? Maybe sellin' them through your site?

The problem is : in the days of traditional recording and publishing, vinyl records were the only way to listen to your music at any time - cassette recording made music available in your car and anywhere else  - copying was very easy but did not really attack the vinyl record market, but now the possibility of copying and distributing 1:1 copies is so multiplex, that artists and creative makers of music do not get enough in return. I wish that fans are aware of that and buy CDs or download legally !

12. A question about the future: when Rolf died last year is been a shock above all for you but even for your fans, how do you think will be the SIB future without him? What do you thnk will miss to the next album without Rolf singin' along and workin' with you?

Rolf Köhler is not replaceable at all - it was hard enough to end the works that we had to finish without him !
If there will come a large demand for new songs from our factory we shall go to work again.
But of course with a new concept.

13. Do you think to go on to release your own albums like duo -I've read somehwere that Thomas as decided to exit from the project- or do you think to dedicate yourself to produce or remix other artists? And if you will go on to release your own album (and I hope yes) do you think to find another singer for your project? In my opinion, Herr Scholz could be the lead singer in a wonderful way.

I am no prophet - but who knows -
currently Detlef produces a young German singer song writer -

14. Another question about your future: Out Of The Blue is been released above all by you with Thomas without external collaborators, if you will release another album like SIB, which artist would you like involve in the project? Have you ever thought to work with some others legends of Germany synth-pop like Thomas Anders, CC Catch or Bad Boys Blue? I think that a song with Thomas Anders could be a super dance anthem.

This is a frequently asked question - we were in negotiations wit TA many years ago, but his management refused our offers - same with C.C. Catch

15. Last question: Systems In Blue and the future: what can we expect from  you round the corner? Some previews for our italian readers?

We wish you always good luck and fun and excitement with our sound and music !

Yours Michael