interview to detlef wiedeke and Olaf Senkbeil

about their  new project "do passion"


DO Passion appeared out of the blue to the public and some were confused, because fans were waiting for new Systems In Blue songs instead that. Can you tell us please, what is DO Passion and how came out the idea about this project?


Yes, DO Passion might have appeared out of the blue in a way, but we did not want to confuse the fans of Systems In Blue. It has been just an idea of us, what to do while Michael and Johann were and are working together on singles and also a complete album of MS Project featuring Michael as lead voice. Therefore we both could have collect all our songs that we are writing till that moment when Johann and Michael have released their CD and then setting focus on Systems In Blue again.  But what to do during that period of time? So we decided to create DO Passion writing, producing and also releasing a song per month.  We started with “Ice Cold Angel“ October 2018.

Now we do hope that there will no confusion any longer :)



Which are the similarities and differences that we can find between Systems In Blue and DO Passion?


The most obvious difference is that we are two instead of three/four and the vocal part sounds different, without Michaels timbre. Also DO Passion might be sometimes “experimental“, so that there might be songs without falsetto and in a different style. Actually we have no long term plans. We just love to write and produce.



The past three songs were different each other in their style. Is DO Passion an open project for experimental music styles after SIB, maybe making the analogy with Blue System after Modern Talking?


After Rolf´s passing and also Thomas Widrath´s leaving, we did not know how to go on and if so, in what direction. We decided not to replace Rolf or his voice by someone who might be a sound-alike, because he was, is and will be unique forever.

When Olaf joined it has been the thought for some shows but we did not think about new recordings at that time.That happened when Johann Perrier contacted us and asked if we would like to release some new Systems In Blue songs. The result has been the EP “Back In Blue“. When we produced the third album, you can see that we have been searching for a direction, not to repeat all what we have had done before, just also have some material, that would be new and different but also some songs that would fit the genre. The result has been Melange Bleu containing three different parts. So in a way even Systems In Blue has had an experimental journey.


DO Passion is not completely fixed on one style. We decide every month what to release, just like “Thank God It´s Christmas", which one is an homage towards John Lennon of course.



Are you looking for a different public with this project?


We are not looking for different public, but for public that loves music like we always do and we did find in you all. Actually with the next song “That Is Love“ which is going to be released on the 25th of January on all digital online platforms, we have had released two songs in Modern Talking style, “DO DO“ is a bit more like Blue System and “Thank God It´s Christmas“ is obviously in George Martin/John Lennon/Beatles Style. Everyone is free to have a listen to our music and to like or even dislike what we are doing.



What can SIB fans expect about the next DO Passion releases?



As we wrote before, we are deciding month by month, so we do not know much more than you do. We just hope that some of you might like our songs.






The remix version of Itamar Moraz with Karel Post to a Systems In Blue song was successful between your  fans and italodisco new generation public, are you thinking to make more 80’s Eurodisco style music like this?


We already did if it comes to the composition, because “There’s no heart“, “Ice Cold Angel“ and as you will know soon also “That Is Love“ are in the style of “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul“. If it comes to the production and sound, we do love to produce the way we do.


Karel Post is a genius in a 1 to 1 copy of the eighties sound as we all heard on the Vinyl-Maxi, but if it comes to the point of costs, it would be too expensive for us to hire Karel just to have the original sound of the 80´s. A lot of fans have been disappointed, because of the costs of a vinyl and were and are longing for the digital version. So we decided with DO Passion to release digitally online and even that might not fit the costs in our days. So there is a need of lot of enthusiasm to do so.



There are some rumors about a contact with other singers like Lian Ross, would be possible a collaboration in a duet or something similar for a song?


We are in loose contact with Louis Rodriguez/ Lian Ross but there is nothing fixed. If there might be an idea for a collaboration, we would not say no. So let’s wait and see.



Question to Detlef. You declared "Ice Cold Angel" was a tribute to Ralf Stemmann, and is a very Modern Talking 80’s sound. For you, which was the major contribution of Ralf Stemmann to the sound of Modern Talking?


Ralf has been a keyboard player in a very successful Top40 band in Germany like we all have been in those days, so he always knew what kind of sounds, keyboards have been popular and he was able to reproduce those sounds and even more to create some new ones.

He has had a good influence on the keyboard sounds of Modern Talking for sure.



Question to Olaf.  Did you listen Modern Talking and Blue System discography before? if yes, which are your favorite tracks?


I did not listen to Modern Talking or Blue System. Of course I heard the famous songs on the radio when I was young. I was listening to some stuff of Systems In Blue when Rolf, Micha and Detlef started.



Your fourth song is ready to be released now. Would come the chance to have all these songs in any physical format, maybe a special fan edition release in future?


Actually we are having no plans of a physical release.



What about next SIB releases?


We have got no concrete plans, but we are going to talk about that when the MS Project CD is ready and released. Maybe we are thinking of an EP or Single, but let’s see. Of course there is going to be a lot of interesting music in 2019 MS Project featuring Michael, DO Passion and maybe Systems in Blue.

Thank you all for your interest!




Detlef & Olaf

DO Passion


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