If you are a Systems In Blue follower you may know that the last time we had new songs from SIB was in 2008, with the posthumous album of Rolf Köhler "Out Of The Blue". After that, we only had years of releases with compilations and new remixes. Some productions to other artists, got to keep SIB working and we could still enjoy of their voices thanks to that. But finally after 7 years, came out a new release with two new songs. The EP "Back In Blue" starts a new era for SIB and we are grateful with Johann Perrier, Itamar Moraz and Detlef Wiedeke who before Christmas accepted to give us a little interview regarding this release.

Hi Johann today in this moment your remix of “Go Systems Go” MS Project got already more than 50 K plays. How do you feel about it?


Hi, happy to be with you, well I’m really glad about the support of the fans of SIB and the interest about new people for this music. Actually my remix is near the 55 K plays on soundcloud in one month, it shows the interest of the fans!!

My artist name "MS PROJECT" is quite known as electro/popdance actor of the music of today since 10 years now, my last release as single "Fiesta Boom Boom" reached more than 100 K !!. More than this it’s interesting to see that the EP "Back In Blue" charted without any promo in several countries, like Spain, Poland…



How was your experience working with Detlef, Michael and Olaf?. How did you decide to make this collaboration happen?


Working with Detlef, Michael and Olaf was another dream coming true for me, after working with Bad Boys Blue (with who I’ve done 2 albums), FR David, Ryan Paris, Linda Jo Rizzo…etc. The 80s are my generation, I’ve never been fan of a band or an artist but always fan of the "sound" of artists. In that way producers like Dieter Bohlen, Michael Cretu, Alan Parsons… are real influences for me !.

So working with SIB is incredible, those guys were part of all the projects of Dieter Bohlen, they are legends. Singers, musicians, producers, they know music by heart and are still so passionate!.

Meeting them in Hamburg last September was fantastic!. The Studio of Detlef is amazing!!, they are so talented and so nice people!. SIB are the only ones today to make live the sound of Modern Talking and Blue System, it’s a real honor for me to work with them!.



About ten years ago you released a single of remixes for "Point Of No Return", now was also included a couple of new versions of this song in this EP. Was it your personal tribute?. Which was your personal purpose in the wish of remixing it again?


Remixing "Point of no return" was my idea, I suggested it to Michael first and the idea pleased also Detlef and Olaf !. It was a kind of special bonus for the EP.

Yes I’ve remixed it in 2 versions in 2006, this song had always been one of my favorite tune of SIB, and it was 10 years anniversary of it so… And also that way we have Rolf Kohler present on this EP !!.



Which is your favorite version of this EP "Back In Blue"?


In fact I love all versions !, it’s true, we decided to work in 3 different directions:

- The classical one made by SIB with their unique sound

- The pure 80s one with the touch of our friend Itamar Moraz

- The electro sound of today by MS PROJECT to touch the new generation and connect new fans who listen to artists like Avicii, David Guetta, Kygo, Swedish House Mafia…


Which is your favorite Systems In Blue song? Is there maybe one that you would like to make a new remix version?


Well SIB have lot of incredible tunes ‘cause they are really good composers and I’m sure that today Olaf will bring a really interesting touch on the tracks of the new album.

To be honest I’m more interested to work on new songs with them than make remixes again. I think there had been too many compilations and remixes, now fans want new songs and that’s our main goal!. I hope than on the new studio album maybe there will be few songs of mine that SIB will produce and rework with me.



In general way the release was well received but what do you think about the criticism of some fans to this EP?


Criticism is a part of the game, we all know we can’t please everybody and that’s logical! I accept them!. What can i say is that I’ve done my best in the versions I’ve produced and i know that lot of fans love them and also that lot of new fans will discover SIB music because of my MS PROJECT Versions, they would maybe never heard of them without my remixes that touch a new generation of people really more younger than the traditional fans of SIB Music.

When i see that my version of "Go Systems Go" reached more than 55k plays in one month I think there is some interest for my versions!.

Please Itamar can you tell us, how did you decide to collaborate in the EP with your remixes of the song "Children Of The Night"?


I decided to take part with one mix on Systems In Blue's new EP because I had some talks with Michael Scholz, that is a good friend of mine, Michael asked me if I will be able to make my own version to both of the tracks, but I felt more connected to CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, so I made only one version to this tune.



Your versions in “Back In Blue” were very celebrated and are the more popular of all the EP. Why do you think this happened?


First of all thank you, it is really thrilling to hear that many fans liked my version. I think that it is so because that´s just like me, lots of fans are missing that good old music style, and I know as a fan that I would love to hear that music style again. I heard the early albums over and over again, and there is not even 1 day that I don't hear it...even now.



It seems that you try to remake the 80's Modern Talking Style. Do you think is possible to bring back and keep this sound in nowadays?


I am SURE!! that this original sound of MODERN TALKING can be created again, and I have the tools for it. I am working with MAESTRO Mr. Karel Post, a Dutch sound engineer from northern Holland, he has all the right gear in his studio, we worked together on CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT. I produced it with the help of my co producer Chen Gusler, and Karel mixed it in his Studio in Holland. We have another programmer, a very unique one that at this point we will keep him as sweet secret, but sure I think that this sound can be produced again.



Itamar, fans are waiting since many time for your new productions, songs like “Wings Of Love”,  “Magic Is Gone”, “Gates Of Heaven”... Will we know about it soon? What can you tell us about?


I know that the fans hate this word: SOON. But they must understand: I am the first person who wants those tracks to be published. There are many obstacles on the way in order to release them the way I want them to sound. What the fans heard are only short short demos, a nice demos but still, they are only demos. In order to produce it FOR REAL I have to find budget for it. I thought of maybe open a crowd funding for it but... I am pessimistic regarding the money issue. I can only tell everyone, that I am truly doing my best to release at least another track soon enough, maybe at the early months of 2016, and I am talking about WINGS OF LOVE.


Thanks for this information!. One last question, which is your favorite Systems In Blue song?


Winner, I like the high vocals there.


Hi Detlef, thanks for your time.  There was a big expectation for the new SIB release “Back In Blue”, finally after 7 years, we have two nice new Systems In Blue songs, it also shows that SIB has a very loyal and patient fanbase. Which are your impressions?


Thank you so much that you do like the songs and the remixes of our EP.

We are all so happy that our fans have waited for so long now and still love our music even if we all three are missing Rolf a lot.

We will try to write and produce some more, hoping that you all will like the new ones too.


Can you comment something about the participation of Olaf as new SIB member?


Nice guy, very good singer and musician. We are happy that we found each other. Composing, singing – having fun.



There are some special dedications in this EP. How did you come up with the idea of making the Axel F. and Popcorn mixes?


The idea of dedicating some songs or remixes to special persons has been an idea of Olaf, when we have been producing the remixes. – Btw something went wrong when we released the remixes so they are dedicated vice versa.


They are named as follows: “Go Systems Go” (Pop-Corn Mix dedicated to Gershon Kingsley and Bob Moog) and “Children Of The Night” (Axel F Mix dedicated to Harold Faltermeyer).

It should have been: “Go Systems Go” - (Axel F Mix dedicated to Harold Faltermeyer) and “Children Of The Night” - (Pop-Corn Mix dedicated to Gershon Kingsley and Bob Moog).


They are named that way, because there is something hidden in each version. So there is a sound and closesly to a theme of the song Axel F in “Go Systems Go”  -Remix and a sound of Boob Moog and theme of Gershon Kingsley – named Pop-Corn in “Children Of The Night” – Remix.


Fans have a lot of expectations regarding a new SIB album. For Back In Blue, you choose a digital release only, however some fans inquiry about a physical release of the EP. Did you, guys, already discussed that idea or do you think better to leave a physical release for a new future album?


It was a first try to release something and we all have to thank Johann Perrier a lot that he made it possible. We have chosen the fastest way first and are thinking of a physical release as a CD or Vinyl maybe for the complete album. Johann has had the idea of making a physical release of the EP as a fan edition.

We all will think about it. If we will release it physically, I will inform you!!



Any words to your fans for Christmas and the coming New Year 2016?


We all wish our fans all over the world a merry christmas, peace, love and ... stay tuned for a Christmas In Blue!

Cheers and have a good time!


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